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And that condemned food, which my sister grew up obliviously consuming in copious amounts, was pumpkin.
The park reprieved a living system condemned to die under the pressure of progress.
Medieval jousting tournaments were condemned by church and state from the earliest days of their existence.
It turns out they're not all condemned to eventual exile.
Lethal injection can cause undue suffering to the condemned.
The question is why can some learn new sounds, whereas others are condemned to simply repeating preprogrammed fare.
Being condemned to a lifetime of harsh antipsychotic drugs seems a far cry from a runny nose and fever.
The gas industry has condemned the film as environmental propaganda and wildly exaggerated.
But in fact, the opposite approach is taken, where government action related to the economic is almost universally condemned.
How many scientists, artists, intellectuals and writers have offended the pop notions of their day and been condemned or worse.
And no, you are not condemned to forage behind burger joint dumpsters for sloppy buckets of smelly grease to get around.
Government programs bought condemned homes and tore them down.
The antidrug establishment condemned him, but voters gave the idea a thumbs-up.
He set up a one-room flour mill, run off a condemned electric motor-condemned by him.
Meanwhile, other critics have condemned this eruptive movie for not holding together.
While the government condemned the act, it did not go to court to try to stop it.
We are condemned to struggle with a left-handed typewriter in a right-handed world.
On the one hand, miscreants who would simply be condemned as bad stand relieved of full responsibility.
In our culture sages and madmen tend to be lumped together and condemned, rather than revered.
Their house was condemned because the animals peed all over the place and they had to move.
And if one is displaying racism, that should be identified and condemned.
Perhaps some of these homes are condemned and/or beyond repair.
It condemned the protesters for being too provocative, but then also condemned the police for being too violent.
Boastful pride is condemned, because it rips the delicate web of reciprocity.
We can draw into ourselves and be condemned to repeat the problems that isolation has caused throughout our history.
During the long weeks of his imprisonment the condemned traitor showed an unbroken serenity and nobleness.
Special tribunals have been condemned as grossly unfair by human rights organizations.
He was even bitterly condemned for having taken his own life.
Soon he would have to make other arrangements, for the mew had been condemned.
It is the devastation of personal life, not the retreat into privatism, that needs to be criticized and condemned.
The house was condemned by the city the following week.
It would never occur to me that she was once a soot-streaked prisoner of the gutter, condemned by every syllable she uttered.
They were threatened with excommunication and condemned as public sinners.
The rebels and the government are roundly condemned.
Without that coveted status, workers are condemned to temporary or part-time jobs.
Deep down lurks the sullen suspicion that this is a drama that the euro zone may be condemned to relive time and again.
The team has visited hot spots, talked to protesters and condemned the regime's use of snipers to pick them off.
Ten years ago these specialist heads would have been condemned to their niches for life.
Bankers are widely condemned either as greedy usurers or as incompetent fools.
The president has indeed roundly condemned the atrocity.
And it is why foreign policy is condemned to live with an age-old dilemma.
Being examined by the governor, and loudly confessing his faith, he was condemned to be beheaded.
The hasty reformer who does not remember the past will find himself condemned to repeat it.
The people were amazed, but imputed their preservation to art-magic, and the martyrs were condemned to be beheaded.
The emperor condemned his too scrupulous fears and credulity, and made her ample amends.
The prefect, without more ado, condemned him to be beheaded.
After having tried on them all the tortures which he employed on other martyrs, he condemned them to be exposed to wild beasts.
For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.
Sometimes, houses and apartments become so rundown that they must be condemned.
In the background are two figures, possibly the pagan priest who condemned him and the soldier who captured him.
The sage makes an eloquent plea in self-defense but is nonetheless found guilty and condemned to die.

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