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Example sentences for condemn

We condemn any attempts to infiltrate company networks to obtain user information.
Thou shalt rest sweetly if thy heart condemn thee not.
Some people will take the article to the opposite far end which is unfortunate but not a reason to condemn the position.
It is not a day for me to condemn anyone else, given my own failings and sins.
Civilized people everywhere readily condemn these things.
If it is wrong there, then feel free to condemn those mistakes.
The museum did not condemn the tests, as many people were employed.
Who is anyone on here to condemn anyone else for what they believe.
If you laud hyperbole in one post and condemn hyperbole in the next, don't be surprised if you get criticized.
In the last days they will condemn your turning upward to the holy race.
Their fans argue, however, that the sins of the few should not condemn the lot.
As a result they condemn themselves to ineffectiveness.
It should condemn abuses of human rights and electoral malpractice, but it should avoid taking sides.
Few have dared condemn, and many have praised, their murderers.
Most condemn such excesses and have, in the past, generally professed an aversion to politics.
To reduce technological progress-even supposing one could do it-would be to condemn poor countries to stay poor.
Gold never provided the straight jacket on credit expansion that gold bugs today proclaim or that mainstream economists condemn.
They will quickly condemn failures in appearance but will enable and defend moral failings.
The faculty voted overwhelmingly to condemn the newspaper, not the administrator.

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