concussion in a sentence

Example sentences for concussion

By his count, he had suffered the ninth concussion of his career.
Cracks appeared in other ancient sites as the concussion of nearby explosions rocked ancient foundations.
Civilians might experience these sorts of headaches after a car accident or a concussion.
When he didn't emerge from the locker room after halftime, team officials said he was out of the game with a concussion.
Research shows that the recovery period for a concussion is lengthened with each successive concussion.
And when that happens there is going to be a bruise of the brain and that is a concussion.
Rooftop concussion cannons throw in random bursts of noise and flame.
While the concussion is of significant concern, it appears that is all it is.
If the patient is generally competent, and not showing signs of concussion or confusion, they could refuse care.
It is the third of his career and it comes after a concussion that prematurely ended his season last year.
Most now realize that someone who's had a concussion needs rest.
Concussion in children is a serious problem that deserves more attention.
Too many kids are returning to the playing field too soon after a concussion.
Warner started throwing atrocious interceptions, developed a chronic fumbling problem, suffered a bad concussion.
He's done of the evening after sustaining the concussion in the second half.
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