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Example sentences for concurrently

Ray to three two-year sentences, to run concurrently.
The appointees will be offered the headship appointment concurrently for an initial period of three years.
The large pick-up in sequential growth concurrently indicated in the latest estimate is also consistent with this picture.
The point is there are various approaches that should be used concurrently.
Under the plea agreements, the sentences will be served concurrently.
One of the sentences, a five-year-term for the theft conviction, will be served concurrently with the others.
Unhappy incidents may occur not one at a time, but concurrently.
These are also applications that are going to be running concurrently.
The life-without-parole sentences will run concurrently.
Concurrently proper development needs to occur to better the people's lives.
His plea bargain stipulates that any state sentence will not exceed and will run concurrently with his federal sentence.
Contract labor can limit advancement of employees, while concurrently providing little incentive for the contract laborer.
Concurrently private business must be encouraged to expand and invest where whichever growth engines are identified.
The sentences were to run concurrently with the manslaughter sentence.
The probation is to run concurrently with five years of probation that the defendant received in the perjury case.
He is in state custody and will serve the sentences concurrently.
The agreement stipulated that his bank-fraud sentence would run concurrently with the bribery sentence.
Demonstrated is a split-screen function to see multiple programs running concurrently.
It's interesting that the debt-crisis talks are happening concurrently with baseball's trading deadline.
Concurrently, the number of energy industry jobs will decrease during a time of economic duress.
Concurrently with this skin response, they unconsciously began to avoid playing with the risky decks.
Residents of malaria-endemic regions are frequently exposed to a variety of other parasites concurrently with malarial parasites.
Any of the concurrently employing related corporations could be designated as the common paymaster.
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