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And there are powerful reasons for seeking to avoid the destruction of wilderness and the concomitant extinction of species.
Short-term pain is an inevitable concomitant of structural reform: it is not an excuse for not doing it.
Within the redevelopment area, many businesses are struggling with falling sales concomitant with a district in decline.
Resignations from public life, and the concomitant loss of salary and privileges, are extremely rare.
Thus the parlous state of modeling and the concomitant need for modesty among those addicted to central planning.
What tops the list of how this happy situation came about is that poverty and concomitant famine has decreased.
Land became a more attractive investment, and the concomitant price rises led to further sales by impoverished fellahin.
The growing pie would was not matched by concomitant population increase.
Some additional temperature increase and concomitant rise in sea level is inevitable.
Ionization of the atmosphere and concomitant ozone depletion are unlikely to be important.
The concomitant profits will only rise as fossil fuels are used and depleted.
The only concomitant weakness of relevance to this discussion is the lack of transparency.
Many people are aware of the serious abuses of the grant process and the concomitant strains placed on the academic community.
The reason it should alarm us all is that there is concomitant evidence that such idiocy has taken over our financial sector.
Overall the position of chair is full of increased responsibilities, but not always with concomitant increases in power.
In my long experience, good ones spend lots of time at their work, and scheduling that time comes as a natural concomitant.

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