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And both parties agree to consider such map and declaration as finally and conclusively fixing the said boundary.
Cobras deliberately aim for the eyes of whomever or whatever they feel threatened by, researchers have conclusively proved.
If politics were not a factor and modernization implemented, conclusively it would still be airworthy.
No corporate saga has ever demonstrated quite so conclusively that politics and business don't mix.
We have had a series of devastating economic contractions that prove this quite conclusively.
It found relatively little for which the blame could conclusively be placed on acid rain.
And the transfer provisions apply even to detainees who have been conclusively determined to pose no threat.
Unfortunately this question has never been conclusively answered.
But he said a sterile verification process showed conclusively that this yeast was of ancient origin.
And it'll take us as long to figure out if it's conclusively working as it did to discover the problem in the first place.
Different outcomes can be predicted with simple tests and verified conclusively by a few hundred hours of training.
Which does nothing to conclusively establishes the evolutionary continuum.
That's not yet long enough to say anything conclusively useful.
It does not mean that it establishes the hypothesis conclusively.
Whether seasonal visitor or resident hasn't been conclusively established they have been spotted here in all four seasons.
Eventually there should be sufficient evidence to answer the question conclusively, one way or the other.
Fakery-for-fun-and-profit is all that you can conclusively prove--so far.
The agency has not yet stated a timeline but is working to address the issues promptly and conclusively, she adds.
Hubbard dismisses that position, noting that no research conclusively links interest-rate increases to bigger deficits.
And now this video has been conclusively shown to be faked.
It has been shown, conclusively, that no such link exists.
But a century after the event scientists still don't have enough evidence to conclusively say what happened.
As has now been conclusively shown, vaccines have nothing to do with autism.
Whereas you seem to be saying that the jury is out and will be out until one side or the other is conclusively proved.
And while it may not be conclusively known how it helps, there are hypotheses on how that could happen.
Some form of hydrogen-consuming catalyst appears to be conclusively proven.
Some have been conclusively deciphered, others have not.
So has childhood obesity, which has been conclusively linked to diabetes.
It can't be proven, but neither can it be conclusively disproved.
These tests provide the chemist with an idea of which other tests need to be performed to conclusively identify the substance.
Authoritatively and conclusively establishing a training difference.

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