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Scientists have come to some surprising conclusions about the world and our place in it.
He is still compiling data, but has come to some initial conclusions.
The author also eludes other early well accepted teachings about womens roles, which are vital to drawing conclusions.
The scientists' conclusions are made possible by several new excavation techniques they've developed.
Use real human bones to solve cases as you identify people from the past and draw your own conclusions about their lives.
Two new studies identify some of these differences and make startling conclusions about what they might mean for avian species.
In no time at all, be an expert at identifying people from the past and drawing conclusions about how they live their lives.
Most of its effort is directed to finding evidence to fit preconceived conclusions.
But either way, it didn't look at all right to me, whereas the conclusions in this paper seem more reasonable.
He reaffirmed his conclusions and modified his arguments in an attempt to quell dissent.
In any case, it would be really difficult to draw conclusions from a so small number of samples.
The data from the study really don't support the conclusions people are drawing.
My frustration is not with these studies' methods but with the conclusions generally reached by the authors.
Be wary of research that hinges its major conclusions about an outcome variable on a single self-report item.
Negotiators spent several hours this week debating which items to add or subtract, but reached no conclusions.
Those volumes rarely appear-letting stand weak reports and unwarranted conclusions.
And of course the conclusions drawn reflect the political interests of the sponsors.
But scientists are pushing back, arguing that the evidence does not justify the report's conclusions.
Far too many of these studies have interesting results but then the authors make unwarranted leaps in the conclusions.
My conclusions were based on the evidence presented in the article as well as the conclusions of the authors.
In both cases their views and conclusions came first, and the science came afterward as a tool to promote their beliefs.
Government review repeats cold fusion conclusions.
The fact that our brains can reach such rapid conclusions is astounding.
In many cases the public's conclusions are even based solely on hearsay about news reports.
Using this information, the researchers came to some interesting conclusions.
Last year the publication of two studies that supported opposite conclusions fueled debate over the map's origins.
Many questions here relating to methodology and conclusions need clarification.
To make a study of blank verse alone, would be to elicit some curious conclusions.
The material was at hand, the argument had been elaborated, the conclusions had been drawn.
With regard to the origin and antiquity of the poem it is impossible to arrive at any definite conclusions with certainty.
Clearly these conclusions do not of themselves suffice to explain the peculiar rule of succession to the priesthood.
Details which are usually overlooked by others they interpret and utilize as the basis of far-reaching conclusions.
Let us, however, quote the conclusions drawn by our author.
Ask students to share their conclusions with the other groups.
Have students share their reports with peers in small groups who have different conclusions.
Ask students what conclusions they can draw about why different people value different places.
His thesis that many scientific papers come to false conclusions is not new.
But there are already grounds to draw some conclusions from what is known thus far.
Studies in numerous countries come to broadly the same conclusions.
Other experiments have been too brief to produce firm conclusions.
Blighty draws three conclusions from party-conference season.
Ten experts are brought together to solve a mystery, but they can't get along and ultimately reach three different conclusions.
Most people would prefer their conclusions to be significant in both senses.
Therefore, it appears to us that the conclusions reached in the article were predetermined.
The economists trawled a vast amount of rather unusual data to reach their conclusions.
While the politicians apportion blame, voters are drawing their own conclusions.
The book's narrow view of history leads the author to some dubious conclusions.
True, many of its conclusions will come as no surprise.
While the two scientific studies in the article were insightful, the conclusions were not.
Care is needed when drawing quick conclusions from fast-food prices.
Governments outside the euro zone are also at risk of drawing flawed conclusions, especially on exchange rates and fiscal policy.
It has also been suggested that some of the studies alluded to were too small to support the conclusions drawn from them.
Her broad anthropological and social conclusions, however, can sometimes be tendentious.
The remit leaves little room for manoeuvre and the conclusions are wearily predictable.
The confusion of those things has led to mistaken conclusions being drawn from it.
And if you look closer at the paper's conclusions, you see that the author is basically talking about leverage.
It is simply too early to make definitive, wide-reaching conclusions.
There isn't exactly data to resolve that question, so you'll still have to draw your own conclusions.
After a couple of months of your new life look back and make conclusions about your first results and success.
But other studies have arrived at similar conclusions.
We try to show that evidence and then allow people to draw their own conclusions.
When he talks about relationships, he always looks ahead to their dire conclusions.
They don't consider as wide a range of alternatives, and are more likely to jump to conclusions based on scanty evidence.
Hirsch, aged seventy-one, is known for his willingness to challenge seemingly obvious conclusions.
Most economists and efficiency experts, after studying modern energy use, have come to similar conclusions.
Another is that even skeptics can be quick to jump to conclusions based on our own preconceived notions and methodology.
Technology is amazing, but sometimes people draw the wrong conclusions from it.
Which raises many questions, and prompts a few conclusions.
T wo conclusions can be drawn from this brief history.
She felt certain that her alarming conclusions would discourage the authorities, but her report accomplished the exact opposite.
Unemotional reasoning are where his conclusions come from and it helps rationalize his bad behavior.
It's easy to understand how an outsider might reach those conclusions.
Subsequent reports during the next nine years reached similar, or worse, conclusions.
It is our responsibility as scientists to look at the data in an unbiased way, and draw whatever conclusions follow.
The possibilities can not be eliminated with out observation that verifies the conclusions.
Having got that out of the way, they draw a number of interesting conclusions from the data.
The technical results are interesting but the policy conclusions are not.
It only jumped to conclusions on the relation with positioning.
The information simply doesn't exist to draw these conclusions.
While obviously true that there were bison etc before, you jump to too many snarky conclusions.
Whereas the work conveys enormous implications, conclusions at this time might be considered hasty.
But it would be unfair to jump to conclusions too quickly.
The research here seems fine, but as others have pointed out, the conclusions may be off.
Jumping to conclusions, before answering a more basic question.
Authorities connect phantom dots, jump to false conclusions and cling to decaying theories.
Children do notice and some form conclusions as early as three years old.

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