concisely in a sentence

Example sentences for concisely

Terrific piece, concisely evoking a specific time and place.
Excellent presentation that concisely answers many questions.
But that makes the ability to write clearly and concisely more important than ever.
Students learn how writing concisely is difficult in many situations.
Together, they're developing lesson plans focussed on how to write concisely.
To put it as concisely as possible: the individual pays, his genes and tribe gain, altruism spreads.
Goals contained in plans and budgets will communicate concisely and coherently what government is trying to accomplish.
Concisely discuss the field program, focusing on changes or deviations from the planned operation.
And, we'll help you convey your information as concisely as possible while including memorable, colorful examples of your results.
Private-sector standard setting that responds expeditiously, concisely and clearly to current and immediate needs.
Communicate clearly and concisely orally and in writing.
Ability to express ideas clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.
The purpose should be concisely stated with specific components.
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