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Example sentences for concise

Being concise allowed them to cover a vast amount of musical terrain while appealing to short attention spans.
The point of traditional scientific theory is to account for the evidence with a concise structural metaphor.
If you are asked to participate in a role-playing situation, give short but concise answers.
Superb and richly concise article on the elegant absurdity of dueling over the centuries.
One gets used to giving a concise answer to a question and then moving on to the next question.
Allow each side time to prepare opening comments and concise arguments that support their position and to anticipate rebuttals.
Have students write concise mission statements or slogans.
Their overview of the effects of global warming on polar regions was clear, comprehensive and concise.
Make your writing concise to take up less space on the page.
Probably this is a little too concise, and the narrative is somewhat dry and bare.
Thanks for breaking this down in a clear and concise manner.
Perhaps they should work together to put together a concise listing of taxes that can be provided to online retailers.
He's also shown a lack of discipline with his long-running events and not-so-concise answers.
Protestors don't have a concise policy platform or message that they're pushing.
Concise thoughts organized according to scientific principles are always welcome here.
His prose is clear and concise, which unfortunately is not the norm in science writing.
Beginning with a concise reverse-chronology, the authors set a solid framework for the survey that follows.
He speaks as if trying to be overheard rather than heard, his low modulations carrying a concise noun-verb punch.
His explanations to the prospective jurors were concise and clear, and he made himself pleasing to them.
He'd maybe make one little typo, but his copy was clean and concise and it was an item.
The top layer could be a concise account of the subject, available perhaps in paperback.
In four concise sentences, you have amply demonstrated the need for social sciences and the humanities.
The problem is that the essential concepts here could have been written in a concise paragraph.
Whatever concise description of your research you give is probably the one that will be repeated.
It is concise and accessible to anyone willing to do a little reading and thinking.
Something about an incisive, concise style of expression.
He began with more, but then worked to make them as concise as possible.
He scores quite well on each count, having produced a concise history coloured by many enjoyable anecdotes.
There clearly is a huge market opportunity for those who can craft clear and concise explanations and instructions.
There are too many environmental factors that play a role in this situation to obtain a concise conclusion.
He has to use advisors his team of experts to compile the information and put it in as concise a package as possible.
It's a concise kitchen companion, designed to provide quick help whenever you need reliable information or advice.
Be crisp and clear and concise, they told him over and over during practice sessions.
Whether online or in print, our content is organized to bring you the news in a concise, lively and balanced way.
Develop a writing technique that's clear, concise and thought-provoking.
In your written and verbal communications, make sure that you are professional, clear and concise.
The more concise the letter, the better the chances for publication.

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