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Example sentences for conciliate

The problem is to conciliate the different cultures and life styles involved.
Small favors conciliate, but great gifts make enemies.
The commission made a determination of probable cause, and the two parties agreed to conciliate the matter.
Prior to the conclusion of the investigation, the parties decided to conciliate the matter.
Charge with reasonable cause determination closed after efforts to conciliate the charge are unsuccessful.
Prior to litigation, the parties agreed to conciliate the matter.
Prior to completion of the investigation, the parties agreed to conciliate.
If they conclude that discrimination occurred, they will attempt to conciliate.
Over the next several months, the parties engaged in numerous correspondence in an attempt to conciliate their dispute.
Staff is responsible for making a good faith effort to conciliate these matters.
Before the hearing, the parties agreed to conciliate the matter to resolve the complaint.
The affirmative action administrator will act in an effort to mediate or conciliate complaints.
The parties decided to conciliate the matter rather than pursue litigation.
The charge was issued following a failed attempt to conciliate the matter with an agreement between the parties.
The choice to conciliate the complaint is completely voluntary on the part of both parties.
Ability to direct and conduct investigations, and to mediate and conciliate complaints.
All parties will be provided an opportunity to conciliate or resolve the matter during the course of the investigation.
If reasonable cause is found, the executive director is required to either conciliate or settle the case.
Investigation resulted in a probable cause recommendation, after which the parties agreed to conciliate.
So, it is necessary to measure the complexity of the inheritance hierarchy to conciliate between the depth and shallowness of it.
Attempts to conciliate the matter failed and the case was certified to public hearing.
The investigator will attempt to conciliate a settlement between the parties.

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