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They make concerted efforts to provide learning experiences.
It is sensible to look for low-hanging fruit in the early stages of concerted efforts to achieve fundamental change.
What is needed is concerted reform on several fronts-monetary, fiscal and structural.
It's surprising that that they have not made a concerted effort to free themselves decades ago.
The big story with street homelessness is that when cities make a concerted effort to reduce it, they succeed.
Make a concerted effort to look at your world askew.
There was the distant threat of disaster, and the knowledge that a concerted global response was required.
Concerted conservation efforts have been somewhat successful.
It needs concerted guidance if it is to reach its full potential.
But despite concerted efforts, nothing that really works much better has been found.
Culture is difficult to change, but our leadership team is making a concerted effort to do so.
Even concerted efforts to track and guide spacecraft in orbit are subject to some uncertainty in trajectory estimates.
But that cannot happen without a concerted effort on the part of educators.
The priority is to reverse the downward spiral of despair through overwhelming and concerted action.
Various churches will put a stop to any concerted efforts to reduce population growth.
After this, she begins frequenting dive after dive, in a concerted effort to get herself attacked all over again.
Only by a concerted effort to free the world of nuclear weapons could the terrifying trend be reversed.
Concerted efforts at influence and control lie at the core of cultic groups, programs, and relationships.
If their suspicions are correct, the group remains active in the country despite a concerted investigation and several arrests.
Hence the importance of the second response: a concerted effort to reduce the implicit state guarantees.
The complaint also says no concerted effort is being made to find adoptive parents for many of the children.
The easy bit will be to harness that sense of urgency to produce concerted interest-rate cuts and government spending.
The coolness and reflection with which this act was managed and concerted, raises its enormity and blackens its turpitude.
By this means the two confederates for offensive measures were enabled the more securely to begin their concerted operations.
Later missions made a concerted effort to plant the flag farther from the lunar module, and to hammer it into the lunar surface.
My understanding is that this was due to a concerted outreach effort by the professor in charge of the program.
We meet many of our problems by concerted public action.
The increased development and maintenance of strong, sustainable cities and towns will not happen without a concerted effort.
Nor has he had to face concerted, sustained attacks on his record and character.
There was no concerted effort to drum certain words into the kids.
Nonetheless, few teams made a concerted effort to trade away their pricey early draft picks for higher value late picks.
Only a concerted technological drive could make this possible, he argued.
Surprisingly, political opposition has been tepid and there has never been a concerted repeal effort.
If you make a concerted effort to arrest turnstile-jumpers, you'll find that you're catching serious bad guys in the process.
Of course, you'd have to make a concerted effort to do so, but that would give experienced players an unfair advantage.
We should think of terrorism as a concerted effort to blur this distinction so as to turn civilians into legitimate targets.
It took concerted effort for the group to leave the conference room and visit the actual people in need.
So now they are making a concerted effort to study vines, but it's interesting to see when things fall down.
But few face concerted political campaigns to have their shows cancelled.
Such triumphs are still rare, and there is all too little in the way of concerted multinational activity to heal the oceans.

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