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Not finding it can be viewed several ways, which should include the idea that our original concept was flawed.
Although the concept of tea is simple-dry leaf infused in hot water-the manufacture of it is not intuitive at all.
Their formulaic concept amounts to intellectual formaldehyde.
She cultivated relationships with music and film celebrities-practically inventing the concept of supermodels.
Suddenly, all those issues are trampling all over your artistic concept.
Odd as that may sound, it's actually not a crackpot concept.
He even seemed to develop an understanding of absence, something akin to the concept of zero.
To carry this weight, the concept of morality would have to be bigger than any of us and outside all of us.
If the concept seems hopelessly complex, you might start with a simple map of a familiar place.
If students have not yet learned about why seasons occur, this would be a good time to introduce them to this concept.
But while the concept is simple, the execution has many ways of going wrong.
It's a critical concept that is difficult to define or measure.
For years, scientists have argued about the concept of natural selection and evolution.
Some previous genetic studies have also supported the concept.
Water scarcity is an abstract concept to many and a stark reality for others.
Yet the concept of roping off parts of the ocean to conserve resources is relatively new.
If they have already learned about plate tectonics, briefly review the concept.
If students are not already familiar with the concept of a watershed, briefly introduce the topic.
Plains and prairies are about expanse, a difficult concept to photograph.
He let me have two days with him, which is a lot for someone so busy, because he really got the concept of the picture.
The concept of companies as people became ever more vital as capitalism developed.
Marketing as a philosophy and a concept must keep up to date with technological trends.
Most socially-important words have changed meaning or have replaced other words for the same concept over the past century.
The fleet fuel economy requirement has always been an idiotic concept.
Here's another way to explain why the concept of cheap wages can so quickly become misleading.
He rails against the concept of growth-based development.
We think there is money to be made in a more high-end concept.
But unfettered by manufacturing constraints, concept phones are a way for handset makers to imagine the future of mobile devices.
Concept cars give automotive designers a chance to let their imaginations run wild, often with outlandish results.
As is so often the case with amazing watch designs, this one is a concept.
Pasta is so simple in concept, yet so complex in execution.
Meanwhile, the concept of genius seems broader than ever and ubiquitous.
Benign envy is quite an interesting concept and a possible term.
The concept wasn't really adapted to civilizations until the twentieth century.
We strive to move the concept of whole-system costing beyond building design to include site and community infrastructure costs.
So far the device has undergone testing in animals and humans to demonstrate proof of concept.
Along the way, the concept has gone from futuristic novelty to often-tacky tourist traps.
So familiar is the concept of the vulnerable panda that it provides the subject for the center's one overtly agitprop message.
Sometimes a concept is baffling not because it is profound but because it is wrong.
We had to create event status, but that can't be done all at once when you have an original concept.
To our knowledge this rapid growth of a new degree concept is unprecedented.
But there is another pedagogically and academically robust concept of education, that of a seamless system.
It's an unusually difficult concept to grasp for my academic generation.
According to this view, the monster concept is no longer useful in the modern world.
One final bit of advice relates to the power of language and the importance of self-concept.
The conductor's fight centers on the concept of the public domain, which scholars depend on for teaching and research.
Privacy, however, is too complex a concept to be reduced to a singular essence.
It is more of a proof of concept that radical changes of thought propulsion and materials can do.
The concept of prediction errors was initially put forward in research on artificial intelligence.
Willingness is a core concept of addiction recovery programs-and a paradoxical one.
The concept of increasing diversity in science and science communication has worked in my favor.
The concept of handedness-of left and right, say, or of clockwise and anti-clockwise-is deceptively simple.
For example, knowledge-an intangible, abstract concept-is often recast in terms of the concrete experience of sight.
Later, the species concept changed, specifying that two organisms should be capable of breeding.
The concept of natural selection has remarkable power for explaining directional and adaptive changes.
Other companies are trying the same concept, albeit with slightly different technology.
Eventually, someone may make a pretty penny marketing the test's concept.
One concept not encountered on these premises is that of gravity acting on photons from a position ahead of the photon.
Despite the challenges that wireless charging poses for both carmakers and drivers, the concept is gaining momentum.
The concept of loss-aversion can be applied to many things.
The concept of eliciting a cognitive response by manipulating the mouth is not entirely new.
The concept that there is a single reference value for sea-level is somewhat interesting.
The concept that the brain is a computer seems to be debunked by this new paradigm, backed by decades of research.
The concept works the opposite way, too-enhancing emotions rather than suppressing them.
Today it seems politically incorrect to even mention the concept.
Bach-y-Rita has devoted much of his career to a single, revolutionary concept: that our senses are interchangeable.
Yes, there are flaws but not with the concept as a whole.
We took the concept of status and mixed it with the ubiquity of texting.
It also highlighted what was once a novel concept: that apes could use human language to communicate.
The colossal inanity of the concept leaves me confounded for appropriate words.
The concept of implicit memory has a rich, if little-known, tradition.
Neither was it meant to be a debate on the concept of miracles.
The same concept is behind the wagon-wheel effect often seen in movies.
Yet nothing remains an ungraspable concept, the central hole in our understanding of the cosmos.
The concept of the universe being created from nothing is a crazy one.
It's tough to stand out on a newsstand crowded with concept covers and abundant cleavage.
Nor, apparently, much grasp of the concept of mortality.
Studios full of the latest technological equipment enable him to work on projects that are monumental in concept as well as scale.
The resulting campaign, with its intimate and emotional imagery, took the concept of personal in advertising to a new level.
The concept is simple, but under the hood, the technology is more complicated.
But, of course, such a relaxed and decorative concept of poetry could not long survive the turn of the last century.
Also foreign to them is the concept of logical, internally driven thought.
But as he emphasizes, the concept of five-year survival can be misleading.
It is particularly important that the concept of intention is among those which are treated in this way.
For this concept must lie somewhere near the center of any theory of meaning.
He wants to take the concept beyond pepperoni and prosciutto.
We think of innovation as a creative, nonlinear concept.
To get from this simple concept to a real operational system involves enormous technological developments.

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