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Bands of color in concentric circles are also a popular design.
Think of these four as concentric circles inching ever closer to the core activity of college fund raising.
Beyond this immediate dilemma, other doubts ripple out in concentric rings.
Thus, the mantle is itself divided into concentric layers, with different minerals predominating at different depths.
On ripening fruit, cream-colored concentric areas grow and merge over the whole fruit.
The puzzle consists of three concentric transparent spheres, with six colored marbles inside.
The logo features a square with colored concentric circles radiating from its corners.
The hours, minutes, and seconds are displayed on the three concentric rings.
Arrange berries in concentric circles over top of tart.
The false-color image brings out subtle details, such as a dark polar hood surrounded by lighter concentric bands.
It is four feet thick at the bottom, tapering to two feet at the top, with concentric layers of steel reinforcing bars.
Arrange the apple quarters, tightly packed, in concentric circles on sugar mixture.
Five million cars also stress the city's concentric network of roads.
The linear erosional features are superimposed on the concentric structures, indicating that the arched structures are older.
Projected onto the floor of a paddling pool are concentric circles of digital ripples.
Place the berries on the cream in concentric circles as close to each other as possible.
He proposed that the atoms of a particular element contained a specific number of electrons arranged in concentric rings.
Arrange the plum slices on top of the brown sugar mixture in concentric circles, skin side down.
Cities tend to be organized in concentric circles around an urban city center.
One feature is novel for city maps: concentric circles that represent an approximate walking time.
Either each concentric ring of the galaxy will expand, shrink, or remain stable.
The tracks, which are arranged as concentric circles on the platter, are further separated into sectors.
Alternate layers of apples in concentric circles, dusting each layer with the sugar mixture.
The viewer is asked to visualize concentric columns of air rising from the circles.
Inside one box was a pile of shiny chrome panels decorated with concentric squares.
Atomic nuclei can be thought of as concentric shells of protons and neutrons.
It might be one tree trunk of a different color or a protruding rock that breaks the symmetry of concentric circles in the water.
The mirrors are placed in concentric semicircles facing a tower, on top of which the boiler and the turbine sit.
From that core group, the open-source method lets a series of concentric circles form.
Arrange the vegetables in concentric circles over the noodles and then pile the chicken in the center.
Next imagine a series of concentric circles around the point of intersection.
The caged crinoline was also known as the hoop skirt because of the series of concentric hoops found in its earlier version.
Comprised of one or more walls encircling an inner stronghold, concentric castles were nearly impossible to breach.
The earthworks are a series of ridges made in a concentric design.
In one experiment, the researchers produced concentric circles of different colors, with the signaling cells in the center.
The borehole is dug in stages, with concentric steel casings inserted to stabilize it.
Even on a cloudy day, the sky still forms a pattern of concentric rings of polarized light with the sun at its center.
The single point is the origin and every space point has its own origin and its own concentric spheres.
Both craters have bull's-eye structures, with a pair of concentric walls separating inner and outer sections of the crater floor.
See the terracing of crater walls, concentric ringed structure and flat melted floors.
Arrange as many apples as will fit vertically on sugar, packing them tightly in concentric circles.
Concentric circles, spirals, and grids are probably generated by neurons firing in the visual cortex and the retina.
Or secondary concentric rings may develop within the original ring, creating the bull's-eye pattern.

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