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No one would be willing to concede the latter qualification and few the former.
But it is almost impossible, federal officials concede, to protect them from encroachment.
Yet even oil optimists concede that physical limits are beginning to loom.
Consensus similar to concession which means to concede not necessarily agree think about it.
We concede that a mission statement may only rarely influence action on a campus.
Concede that you have written for a specialized audience.
But he does concede that one of his critics is right.
Clifford will concede, in the abstract, to abuses in the for-profit industry.
All three of these studies concede that graduation rates aren't the final word in college accountability.
Even monorail's critics concede that, because it weighs less, it can be elevated less expensively than rail.
Most observers concede that both private rights and the public good need to be balanced in some way.
After all, concede accelerating growth and the exponential fuse is lit.
It goes against their instincts to concede that the odds are so stacked against them that it is not worth the gamble.
The agents had agreed to the camouflage mainly to humor me, but they had to concede that the disguise worked pretty well.
They would rather be lovers than fighters, so they concede disputes more easily.
One doesn't have to agree with her to concede that this is, after all, a valid point of view.
Even experts in one field concede that they cannot really judge claims made in a different area.
When people pointed out that he never presented it that way, you were unable to concede that you were wrong.
The philosophers concede that the participation of another may not be demanded as a matter of right.
Even when the fact of their authenticity could no longer be denied, academics did not always concede it with good grace.
They concede, however, that it still might be physically impossible to change the name etched in granite on the wall itself.
There could be plenty of reasons other than changing weather patterns, as they concede.
They already know that they're going to have to concede more here, so they might as well try to limit their losses.
And even your toughest critics concede that, eventually, you adjusted tactics and strategy.
We concede that coping with diseases of the body may of necessity bring about painful, even dangerous, side effects.
It reflects a tenacious reluctance to concede the ethical and material superiority of the capitalist system.
In other words, what one power wanted, the other would never voluntarily concede.
But the apologist won't concede this consciously or honestly.
Some critics of the stress tests even concede tougher tests might be counterproductive.
Its sheikhs concede that it is permissible to greet infidels on personal or national occasions.
All they will concede is that, under its terms, the government is within its rights to ask for talks.
He was eventually right about the important things-and gentleman enough to concede his errors.
Admittedly, the real picture is more complicated than some in the education lobby would concede.
Those who defend our system concede-indeed, exult-that it places roadblocks in the path of major policy shifts.
Federal officials concede that she lobbied the former minister.
They do, however, both concede the importance of transparency.
The new global capitalism, the pessimists concede, will certainly enrich many-but capitalists rather than workers.
The more goods it sells that way, the less it has to concede in margins to other retailers and the less credit it need extend.
Even government critics, however, concede that peace is better than war.
Grudgingly, local people concede there has been some improvement.
Once in court, the police were forced to concede that they had no such evidence.
He's a good enough sport to concede the point with a quick smile.
Both, he was lately beginning to concede, quite wrong.
Let's concede that the place could use a few more outdoor cafes and trees.
There is nothing so tiresome as an argument that no one will ever concede--particularly if the participants don't seem to know it.
One has to concede at the outset that the ocean is too vast, deep and secretive to be completely known.
She continues to load her schedule with campaign stops, even as calls for her to concede grow louder.
But in a less public way, veterans concede that they're awfully tired.
Economists concede that there is a margin of error in the rate calculation.
The district court even seemed to concede that misrepresentations were made.
They concede that their claims are properly in arbitration.

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