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Example sentences for concealment

But scientists have turned to two rather more colorful animals in their search for new systems of military concealment.
Sometimes censorship is effective: art is destroyed, artists are reduced to concealment or silence.
In time, these incidents only made her better at concealment and stealth.
The permanent concealment of the face also raises the question of social interactions in our democracies.
Strategies of concealment ramify and self-examination is endless.
Tells how public relation techniques were used for concealment.
Strategies of concealment ramify, and self-examination is endless.
We have a lot of areas that afford cover and concealment.
The disfigurement or concealment of the continuing thoughts known to me could not be accomplished without leaving some trace.
The bugles had wakened everybody: there was no use in concealment now.
There was no concealment, no delicacy, and no illusion about it.
He could not stay in this ravine in concealment until the end of hostilities.
He makes no concealment of his conviction, and it is unreservedly shared by his friends.
However, in view of the same tendency and the concealment of the same behind the fa├žade, they obtain the full effect of wit.
At a hearing the employe admitted the overpayment but denied concealment.

Famous quotes containing the word concealment

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