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In response to the furor, artists began to avoid forbidden images or conceal them under dotting, stippling and cross-hatches.
The question was how to conceal a device sufficiently powerful to do the job within a piece of solid stonework.
On top, place a container without a drain hole, and conceal it with more pebbles.
They're often too tiny or too fast-moving to be easily seen, and they tend to conceal themselves well.
Drawers on casters conceal seldom-used items under the bed.
Whole strawberries, glazed with a cooked strawberry sauce, conceal this pie's layer of fresh peaches on sweetened cream cheese.
In the living room, they created a built-in display case to showcase art and conceal stereo equipment.
Anonymity is guaranteed, and details are scrambled to conceal the stellar teachers as well as the emerging ones.
However not all sceptics are honest, many of them have agendas of their own, often they want to conceal the truth.
My gut feeling is that the main purpose of using dispersants was to conceal the magnitude of the leak from the public.
To my mind, that pervasive lightness is one of the novel's virtues and helps conceal some of its flaws.
The shopkeeper then pulled a wooden shutter closed, as though to conceal the transaction.
Each layer does its best to conceal its inner workings.
Leatherbacks must take special care to conceal their eggs, as many non-human predators-from mongooses to dogs-also dig them up.
Liquids, and anything that could conceal a detonator, were whisked away.
When things get too complicated, engineers usually add a layer of code to conceal the chaos.
If the food lacked flavour, there was always a bottle of a thick brown condiment handy, to slurp over it and conceal the taste.
The stick is that those who turn down this opportunity and conceal their misdeeds risk prosecution and even prison if uncovered.
Nobody will read the lavish supplements that trumpet your imaginary virtues and conceal your real flaws.
Accounting impropriety may conceal those errors, for a time, but is hardly ever the main cause.
It was bad that the government tried to conceal the facts, worse that its counsel intervened to alter a court ruling.
Its intent was to conceal the availability of other choices that would make us better off.
Equally important, those averages conceal much variation.
Ship camouflage is for one of two purposes, to conceal or confuse.
Some firms began fiddling their accounts to conceal the lack of revenue.
Above this depth, sufficient light exists to make it difficult for animals to conceal themselves.
Coloring your hair can enhance natural colors and highlights, conceal gray or change your hair color completely.
The layers of cloth not only protect from the harsh sun and wind but also conceal their emotions.
The niceness of the filming and the apparent honesty of the approach conceal this dark agenda even from open-minded viewers.
Army managed to conceal the whomp-whomp of helicopter rotor blades, but photos of the wreckage offer clues.
Animals such as deer and antelope also shun tamarisk thickets, which block their access to the river and may conceal predators.
Of course, these sweeping generalizations conceal exceptions.
Many went to elaborate lengths to conceal the fact of their existence.
The yawning seam and corroded bolt conceal their defects from the mariner until the storm calls all hands to the pumps.
His whole strategy for the last fifty years has been not to conceal it necessarily, but not to make it evident.
It is, however, needless to conceal that many of her brilliant fragments were less satisfying.
People who are planning to commit violence are probably going to try to conceal it until the last moment.
She grimaced and barely tried to conceal her disdain for such an ungainly, sprawling speech.
Thus there is no evasion, no subterfuge, and no attempt to conceal the end to be attained or the method of attaining it.
Among them are addictive cubes of polenta whose golden, crunchy exteriors conceal warm, creamy interiors.
His studied lightness and occasional flippancy do not conceal a dedicated concern, a personal anguish.
Unlawful combatants, on the other hand, attempt to conceal their activities.
She lies to the prosecutor to conceal a crucial piece of evidence that would have seen her father sent to prison.
The big advantage of the bra holster is that it really does conceal the gun.
It is definitely possible to conceal a device inside your body and cause it to detonate, no doubt.
So in the pipeline is equipment designed to conceal human heat signatures and visual signals from enemy sensors.
There, cash-for-work is supposed to clear the streets of debris that can conceal roadside bombs.
But this mode of giving often simultaneously serves to conceal subtle forms of violence.
She endeavoured to conceal her sickness for fear of being dispensed with or shown any indulgence in the rule.
Our joys, too: be not content with them as joys, they too conceal diviner gifts.
From confessors, doctors and lawyers, do not conceal the truth of your cause.
It is always a poor way of reading the hearts of others to try to conceal our own.
Through giving way to hiding dirt in our garments a spirit which would conceal that which is disagreeable is strengthened.
The false modesty of fools will conceal ulcers rather than have them cured.
Diplomats make it their business to conceal the facts, and politicians violently denounce the politicians of other countries.
Victims often conceal their problem for years, ensuring that no diagnosis--right or wrong--can begin to be made.
Gross admitted to making false entries in the company's books to conceal her embezzlement.
Hunter education courses will not be altered by conceal carry law.
Parents need to be aware that these kinds of products often conceal drug use.

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