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Example sentences for concave

Geodesic surfaces can be curved, zig-zag, concave-convex with each other in space.
The skull fragment also bore a concave imprint suggestive of a musket ball.
The articulating frame may also be configured to cause concave depressions similar to mechanical key caps in the surface.
Solid rubber outsole with concave lugs provide all-terrain grip and traction.
The concave buttons on the top are difficult to distinguish.
Cove molding has only one curve forming a concave profile.
They come in nine positive-negative pairs: one with a convex top and a drainage trough around the rim, the other concave.
Concave interior surfaces add to a sense of spaciousness.
Where the ablution room is convex, the school curve is concave.
Good pans have a slightly concave bottom that flattens out when heated.
Never leave the concave side of the soup spoon facing down.
Even the venue was a gilded mansion in which the designer created a concave silver runway.
The way he contrasts convex shapes with concave ones also stays in memory.
Melt snow or ice in your water bottle, or look for a concave rock or piece of wood to use as a bowl.
The trochlear groove is the concave surface where the kneecap brushes up against the femur.
Then the firm discovered that our casting process was perfect for making the concave blades used in the hot end of a jet engine.
On the far end of the pit was another gallery space, a curvilinear concrete structure with a concave roof.
In this procedure, a surgeon cuts wedges of bone from the concave side of the curve.
Special rubber-coated concave bars are available for these small threshers to reduce damage to fragile seeds.
Moreover, concave-shaped heads were not bird resistant unless the heads faced downwards.
His model was concave, with the wood bent into its shape over dry heat in a process called cambering.
One only has to look at a simple chart with a line concave to the point of origin to understand why.
The floor is flattened from before backward and concave from side to side.
The inferior surface is concave, and forms on either side of the middle line the roof of the lateral ventricle.
The thoracic curve, concave forward, begins at the middle of the second and ends at the middle of the twelfth thoracic vertebra.
The inferior surface is concave, and is continuous posteriorly with the tentorial surface of the occipital lobe.
The stalagmites were all a little concave, and the cavities were filled with water.
The membrane is concave outward, and the point of deepest concavity-the umbo-is slightly below the center.

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