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Some of these guys could con a doctor into giving them sleeping pills.
Most foreigners are not out to con you-and even their oddest gestures are usually acts of hospitality.
Gangs and con artists also prey on easy targets such as foreigners, drunks, and the homeless.
What you never knew about casinos and the cons who con them.
Old-school café specializes in churros con chocolate.
Here, you can get the world-famous chocolate con churros.
The biggest con is that the budget agency-wide is arbitrary and subject to political winds.
The real point is that the notion of electronic devices protecting the environment is one of the biggest con-jobs of our age.
Therefore being valued as faculty may also include who can be the biggest operator con-artist in the nanny-state.
It's only when they see the non-standards you hold yourselves to that they begin to suspect that you're working a con.
Clearly the biggest con is society filled with superficial thinkers who are ruled by personal prejudices.
Comic-Con manages to bring out the inner geek in anyone.
In a way the interests of the pro and con finally merged.
He pants, holds a knife, stares down at an ex-con's body.
No one can read the elaborate arguments pro and con these various officers without being struck by their weakness.
Emotional displays of this kind, either pro or con, are exceedingly rare.
Whether pro or con, persons react strongly to suicide, and many theories have been advanced to explain this unique tragedy.
Now a half-century cannot be replayed and, besides, the game was a con.
Some were left-wing bloggers there to record his annual blogger-con stunt.
He lives with an ex-con's certainty that he can't trust anyone, that only his own will can keep him alive.
All drugs have pro's and con's for recreational use.
Have you people not realised that money is the biggest con of all.
Reading the article and the comments revealed one basic truth: neither pro nor con knows much about astrology.
The literary fiction thing is overblown, if not actually a bit of a con job and a hoax.
He wasn't able to con enough suckers with that so he decided to spice it up with references to plasma it became a plasma machine.
There was rarely a day without some opinion, pro or con, usually con.

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