con artist in a sentence

Example sentences for con artist

His opinion is no more valid than that of a con artist selling time shares.
Or he could simply be a con artist who knows full well what he's doing.
Garner played the con artist with a sense of humor and a code of honor, and the image stuck.
Affinity fraud occurs when a con artist preys on a group of people who share a common bond.
Many of the scams that technologically savvy con artist use are variations of those that have been around for many years.
Don't allow an aggressive con artist to pressure you into making a quick decision.
The con artist has collected the money and disappeared.
In the scam, a con artist emails the consumer a link, allegedly a copy of the traffic ticket to fill out and mail in.
Fortunately, the online payment service the con artist used to collect donations began to question the web site's legitimacy.
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