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Welcome to the era of parental computing, or how the cloud makes children of us all.
In fact, the improvements in the electrical efficiency of computing are nothing short of astonishing.
But one consequence of this approach is to bring to the mobile business an unappealing part of the personal computing experience.
Someone at this moment is tallying up commas or meticulously computing adjective-to-adverb ratios.
Companies have figured out how to harness exponential increases in computing power better and faster.
The storage of information is called memory, and the processing of information is called computing.
The earnings show its efforts in a technology called in-memory computing.
Cloud computing is the latest example, and companies large and small are already joining the fray.
Yet computing can also be used to tackle climate change.
The relationship of these devices to cloud computing may not be obvious.
He appreciates better than anyone that computing is in transition.
The first was that computing could be a high-volume, low-margin business.
These highlight the salient features while reining in computing power.
It has sought out computing experts, mathematicians, programmers and statisticians.
While this may have been true in the early days of computing, the motivation and background of programmers is now much more mixed.
But thanks to computing power the products have become infinitely more malleable.
Several tech firms are aiming to solve this with instant on computing.
Duo worked fine for generally modest computing tasks.
That's a serious amount of computing power in a small, inexpensive package.
In quantum computing, data is measured in qubits, or quantum bits.
Computing was changing fast, which befuddled a lot of businesses.
Now it's redefining the way the world thinks about computing.
Researchers nudge closer to the goal of quantum computing.
Fiber optics and digital imaging have been instrumental in revolutionizing communication and computing.
Users will be able to get up to five hours of uninterrupted computing time from a fully charged battery.
Look at the overwhelming evidence in the history of computing.
Principal benefits envisioned for quantum computing include increased information density and processing speeds.
Chaotic dynamics represents a remarkable change in world view brought on by the era of digital computing.
The future of computing may depend on embracing the chaos that defines human thinking.
What started out as totally intellectual, impractical experiments could help pave the way for a revolution in computing.
Green algae may rely on quantum computing to turn sunlight into food.
On the flip side, cognitive computing doesn't work on a database of facts.
Optical computing might also be another application.
We're still programming in archaic computing languages.
Cloud computing lets companies move data and applications from their own servers to those managed by someone else.
D-Wave claims this to be the first ever sale of a quantum computing system.
He says it could prove useful for quantum computing and quantum cryptography because it can transmit light in a single direction.
How engineers are making on-demand computing a reality.
It's something else to move existing applications over to cloud-computing platforms, which many companies need to do.
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