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Example sentences for computer graphics

But computer graphics now enable us to shift the picture as the viewpoint shifts.
Computational photography, a subdiscipline of computer graphics, does not simply capture single images.
No amount of special effects and computer graphics imaging can compensate for good story telling.
Computational photography, a subdiscipline of computer graphics, conjures up images rather than simply capturing them.
The rise of computer graphics, the increase in shoots abroad, and changing tastes have tempered the market.
The medium for such interaction is computer graphics.
Nowadays, they can reach into your pocket with the neatest computer graphics.
Eventually, computer graphics will be able to build these things.
There was a time when even the best computer graphics available were lousy.
Psychedelics have certainly left their mark on computer graphics, virtual reality, and animation.
Even seminal textbooks on computer graphics and algorithms are missing.
In the age of computer graphics, sophisticated scanners and color copiers will be used to copy greenbacks.
The face is created by computer graphics and controlled by software.
Graphic designers must be familiar with computer graphics and design software.
Computer graphics convey complicated information simply and attractively.
His technical interests include networking, computer graphics, and scientific programming.
They also need word processing, computer graphics, and desktop publishing skills.
As such, the computer graphics community could benefit greatly from such a tool if it were part of the graphics pipeline.
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