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Example sentences for computer age

Many people thought that pencils would become obsolete in the computer age, yet sales continue to grow.
It was built to train human machines for the pre-computer age.
Even building blocks have gotten a new spin for the computer age.
Supermechanical brings craftsmanship into the computer age.
Writing may have indeed changed in the computer age, but the reasons have little to do with the means of composition.
In the beginning of the personal computer age, many executives were appalled at the low quality of sales help.
Equally important is the band's mortal imperfection, which provides an apt expression of personal angst in the computer age.
There is broad agreement that moving patient records into the computer age is essential to improving care and curbing costs.
How correction fluid stays fresh in the computer age.
In our computer age, a more centralized source of information on side effects would benefit doctors and patients alike.
Comedians have walked this line since long before the computer age, but they are not immune.
For other industries, it meant increasing mechanization and automation and the beginning of the computer age.
It may once have been an advantage and may well be again with the importance of visual literacy in the computer age.
In the computer age, our children live in the future.
In today's computer age, there are some important details that must be addressed to enable the system to work for us.
Camera companies are beginning to experience the benefits of the computer age.
In this computer age, many families have a personal computer at home or access to one at work or school.
In this computer age, a warrant to search business records logically and reasonably includes a search of computer data.
In this information and computer age, companies exchange and share information across the country.
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