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These days it seems theories of mind and theories of computation can't help but have deep implications for each other.
As computation power has increased and data sets have grown, computers can now uncover more and more arbitrage opportunities.
The computation may be complex, but it is not impossible.
The resources of this country are almost beyond computation.
The decision problem asks, in essence, whether reasoning can be reduced to computation.
Computation, in any case, is im- possible to dramatIze.
There is much more computation needed for the same problem done by clustering than if it were done the standard way.
The trouble is this computation contains so many imponderables.
Number two, our contract doesn't say anything about such a computation.
Simply grade the e-mail, and include it in the student's final grade computation.
Costs of communication and computation have tumbled.
But keeping track of who to groom-and why-demands quite a bit of mental computation.
The computation itself is performed by a further series of laser pulses.
The computation involved must be done fast, since the mirror has to respond much more quickly than the blink of an eye.
By reducing the amount of computation done on board the device, caching speeds things up and saves battery life in the process.
If computation is the same thing as cognition then these results can be accepted.
It often, indeed usually changes with time, thereby invalidating even an accurate initial computation.
Seventh-graders plunge into a math program that combines straight computation with sophisticated problems in symbolic logic.
Some of us must wish that ubiquitous computation would simply go away and leave us alone.
So far, however, quantum computation has not been tested in the laboratory.
The limitations of data collection and computation made precise predictions and good decisions difficult to make.
And you may not have any conscious access to how the computation was made.
On it is an intricate computation in a neat, squarish hand.
But the jacket-less book is far from boring: it's a computation book, complete with stains and handwriting.
Such computers would harness the physical properties of quantum bits, or qubits, to expand the reach of computation.
One specialized in engineering, one in chemistry and one in computation.
Work probably needs to be done to scale up computation on the one hand, and to increase accuracy of the computation on the other.
Her research made advances in symbolic computation and algebraic algorithms, including ideas that can be used in cryptography.
The primary component in any valuation computation is cash flow.
These days, that answer is becoming less popular all the time, because of a seemingly unrelated field: quantum computation.
It has long seemed to me the easiest solution to why our reasoning is flawed is that computation is costly.
While still in his early thirties he created the theoretical framework for an entirely new discipline called quantum computation.
If you think of the brain as a computer, all of a sudden computation takes on a mysterious quality.
The remaining critical component they could not replace was computation.
However, the point of the computation is to understand why it prevails.
It's a window into an ungodly amount of computation and engineering innovation and talent.
If you have a powerful enough computation system, then you really don't need anything else.
The theory of computation has had a profound influence on philosophical thinking.
When a maze is created, the answer is already embedded in its structure, well before any computation begins.
One place where this looming problem is particularly acute is in the ultrafast clocks used to pace computation.
These longer response times were a reflection of heavier computation requirements.
Computation goes as the cube of the processing gain.

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