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Even in compulsion neuroses, which retain the same fundamentals, much is found that is different.
Any measures designed to restrict human population growth directly must involve compulsion to be effective.
Rather, they suffer from a gambling compulsion-a ruinous addiction to risk.
It is used in chess when compulsion to make a move leads to the loss.
And she didn't actually feel a compulsion to pull out her hair.
It was a compulsion-to make things right-that extended to his work in mathematics.
Not execution, of course, but regulation and compulsion.
Enthusiasm contended with a sense of futility, and the urge to create with the compulsion to destroy.
We have a compulsion to plan our lives, to take into account all possible adversities and to guard against them.
There are undoubtedly people who work longer hours out of personal ambition, to escape problems at home, or from compulsion.
People who are happy within their cliques feel no great compulsion to go out and reform other cliques.
Emma is subject at the present time to a compulsion of not being able to go into shops alone.
Rather, he must constantly pull himself together as a human being, and this compulsion encircling him redounds to his advantage.
Such certainty is one of the great justifications of fanaticism, compulsion, persecution.
At that point, there may be this compulsion to try something different.
One example is an excessive fear of germs and the compulsion to repeatedly wash the hands to ward off infection.
But somehow the spirit and compulsion of this deeply distressing tale of poverty and frustration are absent from the film.
But the immense weight of compulsion has been lifted.
Compulsion of evidence generally may be requested pursuant to a letter rogatory transmitted via the diplomatic channel.
Mediators draw on their knowledge and experiences, but do not have a power of compulsion.
The illness involves compulsion, loss of control and continued use of the chosen substance, despite adverse consequences.
Compulsion of evidence is obtained pursuant to a letter rogatory.

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