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The latter has been and will be compromised in a convolution of manipulation and fabrication.
Plenty of epidemiological studies support a link between pollution and compromised lung function.
The upper hall was eventually compromised into two levels of offices.
If the peacekeepers hand them over, their avowed mission to protect civilians could be fatally compromised.
With so little water, basic hygiene is frequently compromised.
But he has become a focus of discontent about a government widely seen as fatally compromised by corruption.
They can cause serious illness, especially in people with compromised immune systems.
The credibility of the scientific process is compromised.
The quality of education is compromised in online learning.
Two things in particular have compromised the accountants' vision of what is true and fair.
But his ability to police his beat was severely compromised.
Most people can fight off the microbial contaminants, however, people with compromised immune systems can get dangerously ill.
The scientists say these endangered animals are compromised further by breeding programs that transfer animals between zoos.
On the other hand, a negative bias crept into his artistry, which became increasingly compromised.
So far they have seen no such increases, and measurements of air quality do not yet indicate that it is compromised.
The full number of accounts that have been compromised is unclear.
These images were compromised by a mirror alignment problem.
It was not clear how much private information might have been compromised and for what length of time.
It is seriously compromised when you pause to think who is getting the jobs.
Though dingoes are numerous, their pure genetic strain is gradually being compromised.
In many cases the system is compromised by human error.
There is, however, a life compromised and often even ruined.
It doesn't matter how stealthy or maneuverable your aircraft are if your communication networks are compromised.
And the supposedly respected scientific journals have compromised themselves past any belief in their published results.
It is polluted and compromised by industry and agriculture.
But then, the extent to which the number represents inflation in the wider economy is further compromised.
The breadbasket is compromised so the farmers are displaced and the cities have no source of food left.
They should compromised earlier and geared up for next year's budget.
The turtle's immune system, compromised by hypothermia, isn't up to the fight.
Even his critics acknowledged that he could not be bribed, corrupted or compromised.
Both sides compromised on key points related to salaries and merit-pay increases.
The area will no longer be available for recreation, the neighbors' view will be compromised, and property values are threatened.
There is usually unpublished data in these, and the success of the project may be compromised.
He also wrote that he was advised by the college's vice president for finance in the spring that his card had been compromised.
Add to this the fact that drop-in lap top stations are being added to campus networks and security will be compromised.
But your credibility, once compromised, cannot easily be restored.
When the muscles and connective tissue have been compromised, the strap can hold the joint stable.
Unfortunately, in many instances, emotional intelligence is compromised for the sake of toughness.
And, frankly, the flying public's travel plans will not be compromised.
The next line of defense was to submit a form reporting that an account had been taken over or compromised.
If you can visually see a change, the integrity is likely to be compromised, but the opposite isn't true.
Compromised as they may seem, sailors' tattoos once held significance and occasionally still do.
When the floods compromised factories and logistics in the region, consumers of countless products were affected.
Even if this investigation was started before any of this downgraded business began, it is now hopelessly compromised.
Their scholarly ideals were soon compromised and then forgotten.
No mission should ever be compromised by diplomatic punctilio.
Now, if that case proceeds, she will be even more compromised.
Over the years, every healthy cookie has compromised flavor and tenderness.
Finally, one of the ants compromised its camouflaged position, scurrying out across the bright white plate.
All the actors involved are compromised and deserve repudiation from all decent human beings at some level or another.
One of his advanced-stage leukemia patients had low levels of electrolytes and compromised kidney function, the caller reported.
Twice this year, my bank called me to say that my debit card info had been compromised and they were sending me a new one.
Perhaps it continued to function when signals from the eyes were failing due to compromised blood flow.
The fact that they couldn't clear the fungus growing in their lungs suggested that they were immune compromised.
As you've discussed, inbreeding compromised their fertility as well.
It was a compromised design, based on to stringent requirements.
They've been flying on politically motivated missions using politically compromised designs.
Hence, ideal designs will always be compromised by reality.
Understandably, you'd probably be suspicious and wonder what was being compromised.
So flu vaccine isn't worthless, and it does improve the odds for the immune compromised.
However, the scientific community has been compromised.
The reverse tends to happen for the boring compromised, mainstream pragmatic politicians.
Her tiny frame was grotesquely swollen with fluid and her liver severely compromised.
The original idealism had been compromised by these homeless people.
Evidence was recklessly hidden, discarded, compromised-not so much in conspiracy as in anxiety.
He has lived according to his lights, he has never compromised, yet neither has he renounced his species.
Respected social critics accepted money from the government and became compromised.
Some bought their way out of a prisoner-of-war camp by becoming agents, or overcame a compromised position in this way.
Opposition political parties are weak and compromised by collaboration with the military.
All of those neuronal pathways in the brain are compromised.
With so much skin compromised, the top priority for doctors is to keep a patient's body warm and hydrated.
It was compromised to its core, and what's worse, it advertised itself as a symbol of everything that it no longer was.

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