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In my case, my salary only bumped a small amount due to issues of salary compression within the department during that discussion.
But you could use diesel-style compression ignition with a conventional petrol engine.
It is getting hot because you pump fast and the heat generated at compression cannot escape.
Overall, areas around noisy compression stations had one third fewer birds than quiet sites.
Before computers, this experimental section helped engineers model the effects of compression on the finished bridge's cables.
Detecting the areas of compression is easier with the top than for the tights.
In addition, compression fractures are often responsible for loss of height.
But the compression of the application process poses challenges to counselors.
No one is sure what effect this compression will have.
Second, every broadcast medium is moving to a digital format, and digital means data compression.
Digital satellite radio's compression technology demolishes that constraint.
Cell phones use higher compression because of the smaller bandwidth versus a land line.
They whirled in centrifuges, squeezed into compression chambers, and tested the limits of endurance in zero gravity.
Meanwhile, the drum skin moves down and back up again, resulting in another compression.
If the air were highly compressed, it would heat up by the energy of compression.
Multiple compression fractures from osteoporosis can be left alone if there are no nervous system problems or pain.
The muffled explosion's compression reverberates in my ribs.
It is known fact that crude oil is the product of compression and heating of ancient organic materials over extended time periods.
Our readers had a lot to say about their fidelity preferences, compression issues and our omissions.
The color of the compression shorts had to be standardized to go with the team uniforms.
The problem is with burning ethanol in engines built with a compression ratio for gasoline.
It is a compression wave that can be described by its pitch and volume.
Because of its tetrahedral structure, diamond also shows a great resistance to compression.
There are other data compression programs available that offer tighter compression and more extensive features.
There are two cylinders that are low on compression.
The compression heats the air and causes it to become saturated with vapor from the liquid.
Which brings us back to the manner of the poor computer's compression.
External pressure or compression can cause inflammation in the ear, leading to increased swelling and redness.
With compression and other techniques wireless will do the same.
Rather, it helps prevent fractures, spinal cord compression or other bone problems that can arise as cancers weaken the bones.
Until recently, building prices continued to rise because of a phenomenon known as cap rate compression.
Use compression stockings to decrease chronic swelling.
The researchers also warn against wearing commercial compression stockings.
People have reported compression of cervical nerves in the spine leading to bad consequences.
Previous e-bomb designs were based on explosively driven magnetic flux compression generators.
The gear loops are genius and the compression straps do a great job keeping the heavy stuff stationary and close to your back.
As the compression is released, the twisted structure unwinds back to its original shape, while the rotor slides.
But its built-in compression and plastic tap are convenient.
The easy access overflow storage is equipped with dual compression straps.
Compression straps inside and out shrink large loads.
It is also a remarkable example of poetic compression.
His relatively small body of work contains music of flinty surfaces and fierce emotional compression.
He suffered two compression fractures of vertebrae, but did not suffer paralysis.
It may be a style better suited to the compression of lyric poetry than to the discursive tendencies of narrative prose.
If the riser has been in place for a long time, it's possible that compression ring may not reseat properly.
The faults of a short line are jerkiness and excessive compression.
The doctor says that the cranium might be given a better shape by means of compression, but that would harm the brain.
The car thuds over the compression plates of a bridge.
The first: taking steps to stretch out the years of a healthy life--that is, to accelerate the compression of morbidity.
Most surprising was a phenomenon known as compression.
There are several factors but, in general, it has more to do with scheduling than with compression.
The apparent collapse is largely down to something called trade compression.
Because in reality the top grade is fixed, the process is not so much grade inflation as grade compression.
Ethanol can take higher compression ratios and advanced timing which gasoline cannot.
Maybe the data get corrupted by inappropriate compression, or by bugs in the software that surface only under sporadic conditions.
The compression can be calculated as the vectors of the speed along the time axis and the vector in the three dimensions.
The risk, however, is that too much of the global adjustment will occur through import compression.
There are four basic faucet designs: compression, ball-type, cartridge and disk.
Early recognition and treatment of spinal cord compression can prevent permanent nerve damage.
They included oil and gas leaks, patchwork wiring, a tired engine with low compression and failing rings.
Knock occurs when the compression of the fuel and air mixture alone, and not the spark plug, sets off an explosion.
Diving to depth can result in mechanical distortion and tissue compression, especially in gas-filled spaces in the body.
Researchers solved this by using compression welding to create a hermetic seal around the well's metallic membrane.
Maybe it's akin to the effects of compression in a nuclear bomb.
It could be really well possible that dark energy is related to compression of matter and thus also is appliable for pulsars.
But fractals have proved useful for financial modeling, image-compression and other applications.
No ordinary pressure cooker can achieve such compression.
He was now paying the price for his calcium deficiency with multiple vertebral compression fractures.
Maybe someone can explain the difference between the compression of gas heating up the meteorite and friction.
And contrary to popular belief, it's not friction that heats the air, but compression.
The only way pasta can stand compression is if you make the strand shorter.
The sudden compression would create enough heat to ignite the explosive brew.
The instrument, a canister whose lid gets squeezed under the higher pressures of deeper waters, notes the compression.
The raised rim is caused by compression of the rock surrounding the impact site.
Not sure how that medium would respond to compression at near relativistic velocities.
When it slows to terminal velocity, the compression heating becomes insignificant, and the air flow actually cools the meteor.
Smart phones are also becoming devices for watching video, thanks to technologies such as variable-bit-rate compression.
They also provide the software and setup for high-speed compression utilities.
Its advantages were small compression and flexibility.
For heating there efficiency is a little better but still not as good as a vapor compression heat pump.
The low efficiency of compressing and expanding air is due to using isentropic compression and expansion.
However, my tools also look for compression artifacts and format anomalies.
For a usable hydrogen-powered car, the research into compression and storage of high-pressure hydrogen must improve considerably.
If engines were designed to burn ethanol instead of gasoline, they could use a higher compression ratio.
One possibility for solving the hydrogen packing problem is simply rethinking compression.
Emotions are a powerful coding or compression device.
Mazda's mad scientists say they spent a decade studying high compression ratio powerplants.
But it wasn't clear if there would be another level of compression after the tweet.
MP3 is a digital compression system that's the rage in audio.
It makes as much sense as having the intake valves open during the compression stroke of an internal combustion engine.

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