compressed air in a sentence

Example sentences for compressed air

Others have tried to inject compressed air into the stream.
Thin air is not nearly as rich in oxygen as the dense, more heavily compressed air found at sea level.
Apart from a hydraulic lift and a plentiful supply of compressed air, your correspondent's humble workshop has nothing to compare.
Compressed air he's not so enthusiastic about in this scenario.
Compressed air energy storage is quite inefficient because of losses during compression and expansion.
The first set of blast waves, a moving wall of highly compressed air that emanates from an explosion, knocked him out briefly.
Or one of those compressed air cars that perform so surprisingly well for the price.
Many hydro plants might also be pumped storage facilities at better efficiency than can be expected from compressed air storage.
Compressed air is another, less common form of large-scale energy storage.
Its rim, moving faster than sound, forms a cutting edge of compressed air much sharper than a razor.
Alternative approaches replace the battery with compressed air or a flywheel.
Compressed air can also be used to power such an engine without any tailpipe exhaust and much lower wasted heat energy.
Compressed air is dangerous and must be used in a safe manner.
The materials below provide utilities with information about compressed air training.
Can you inject compressed air in a plastic pipe already filled with water.
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