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Usually, some of the turbine's mechanical power is diverted to compress the air.
There were some rhetoricians who could compress epics into single, epigrammatical sentences.
In some areas, the euro will compress a number of financial markets into one.
Any tumor may compress regions of the brain and increase internal pressure, upsetting the organ's delicate functional balance.
It turns out that the app does actually compress data, but not how you think.
The idea sounds simple: compress air and release it to operate a piston engine.
One answer is to use the energy to compress air, which can be squirrelled away in hermetically sealed underground caverns.
Even as stellar winds push open the cavity, they compress material near the center of the hollow, spurring new stars to form.
Sprains and inflammation can be eased by the timely application of some ice or a cold compress.
Because we're recording so much less data to begin with, there will be no need to compress.
If possible, the patient should hold the compress so that there isn't too much pressure on the nose.
And better information may, ironically, compress the corporate response.
He then mixed in candle wax with the coffee grounds, added some animal feed binder, and used a car jack to compress the logs.
About the only real answer might be using windmills to compress a gas that has the ability to be compressed to great extents.
Ultrasonic waves would then cause the bubbles to compress.
Relieve the itch by using a cold compress and taking antihistamines to reduce severe itching.
They compress the signal by boosting the quieter parts and reducing the sound peaks.
Light, compress to a small size and easy to pack, they are perfect.
To minimize the bouncing, they compress air or liquids, which generates heat.
Thermoacoustic compressors essentially compress or expand gases with high-intensity sound waves.
Most companies share radio towers and have learned how to compress traffic.
Setting aside other manufacturing issues, it takes electricity to compress the air.
Miller thinks a better approach is to use shock waves to compress the entire snowpack.
People find patterns to compress information and make it manageable.
Even though they are filled with synthetic, the compress a lot and won't take too much room.
It wasn't long before they focused on shock absorbers, which expand and compress countless times over their lifetimes.
It challenged them, making them compress their messages, and it challenged you to understand each band more clearly.
The roll-top is great and the pack is easy to compress where needed.
Without the cold compress of the mantle to siphon heat away from the core, convection wouldn't have a chance.
One way to make a gas cold enough to liquefy is to first compress it and then remove the heat created by compression.
Trapped by the rigid skull, large amounts of blood can compress the brain, destroying vital areas.
Rose petals, for example, make a soothing compress for tired eyes.
Mealie meal is eaten by pulling hunks of it off the mound and squeezing it lightly between the fingertips to compress it.
Some patients develop internal tumors that can compress important nerves and cause paralysis or blindness.
Here the space is limited, and you would have to compress the existing material to fit in the new.
We compress everything into one frame, with context.
Most core curriculums must compress centuries of literature into weeks of study.
Her husband's meager salary at a cotton compress company was never enough.
Her sensible plan would compress nine trial courts into three.
Radio stations already compress their signal's dynamic range to make their broadcasts stand out when you're scanning the dial.
Such optoelectronic chips are expected to increase the speed and compress the size of computers.
Computers try to compress files by boiling them down to their essential information.
These muscles compress the sac, and express the secretion it contains upon the vocal folds to lubricate their surfaces.
It is able to compress video enough to stream well without losing much quality.
Instead of needing a nasty chemical with certain properties, it can use sound to compress and expand helium.
The rollers do not compress the dough and make its surface slick, as many purists argue.
He loves to compress the past, the good times are still at hand.
Meanwhile, the lungs compress, halving themselves after ten metres.
The balloon will also conform to the shape of the wound and compress it.
Natural gas can be used as is, it is ridiculous to spend energy to do anything other than compress it.
They compress air with fans and heat, and shove it out the back at high speed.
He found ways to compress humor into a single panel.
Apply a cool compress to the area as soon as possible to reduce swelling.
Most brain tumors increase pressure within the skull and compress brain tissue because of their size and weight.
There is no way that a review can compress and outline the ideas.
The data compression record is used to collect and compress data from arrays.
Uses vacuum frames to compress negative against plate.

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