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His wide-sweeping satirical purpose requires a comprehensive display of human ignorance, folly, and iniquity.
They completed a comprehensive and respectful makeover in four months on a limited budget.
Exceptionally comprehensive information, with an emphasis on safety.
In addition to the exhibition, there is also an illustrated companion book and a comprehensive online version of the exhibition.
As is the case with all lists, this is by no means comprehensive or definitive.
We should be working on comprehensive immigration reform right now.
Comprehensive information about infectious diseases and infectious-disease research.
We truly feel that this has to be a comprehensive approach.
No such comprehensive theory exists for granular gases--collections of larger particles such as dust grains in space.
The solar laminates are only one element in a comprehensive building-integrated system for conserving energy.
Our investment managers provide clients with a comprehensive and constantly evolving range of investment styles and products.
He managed to combine remarkable political adroitness with comprehensive vision.
Across the world, there is agreement on the need for a more comprehensive response to the crisis.
The new data, which are much more comprehensive than figures put out by governments, confirm their hunch.
Each of my examiners had a different idea about what a comprehensive exam ought to entail.
It is one of the top comprehensive research public universities in the nation.
We offer a high-quality, comprehensive program of benefits, which represents an important component of total compensation.
So he planned a comprehensive, multivolume work to convince scientists and the world.
The syllabus looks comprehensive, covering everything from acoustics to working with clients.
We may commence by answering this question in a somewhat comprehensive way.
Hints towards the formation of a more comprehensive theory of life.
The processes of finding the object are rather involved, and have as yet had no comprehensive exposition.
His reports were always comprehensive and invariably interesting.
The latter is here apparently the more comprehensive conception.
The result is a rare comprehensive study of an athlete over his entire career.
Yet there has been little comprehensive research about the extent of gene patenting.
Because this database is comprehensive, give students parameters for their search.
And it can be comprehensive as long as it doesn't try to measure things that are heterogeneous.
Instead, it's a comprehensive experiential mode that lets you perceive and do things firsthand.
It is at once a comprehensive military and diplomatic account, and a vast picaresque.
Art, swimming, and ornithology were his primary interests at the tough local comprehensive school.
The information in the binders left the government with a comprehensive picture of a group of companies that no longer existed.
The book is conceived of as a comprehensive introduction to these techniques, from the basic to the baroque.
And thanks to this comprehensive list of such terms, the game is now spoiled.
As recommended in my book, what is truly needed is a comprehensive program of risk management of bird and wildlife strikes.
All versions agreed that the expulsion was brutal, sudden, and comprehensive.
The physicals, which are the same for all the services, are supposed to be comprehensive.
There has been no comprehensive statement from our government on oceans.
The plan is to use the data from these studies to create a comprehensive, three-dimensional simulation of a mammalian brain.
Fascinating as the dinosaurs may be, however, they form only one part of the comprehensive picture here.
Clearly underfunding of education is a serious problem generally that should be fixed in a comprehensive way.
His work on the distance scale and galaxies was profound and comprehensive.
That's because of the expense and complexity of these more comprehensive, multiple-parameter tests.
And others are using position data gleaned from cell phones to help develop more-comprehensive models of how disease spreads.
In particular, he says that more comprehensive surveys of distant supernovas should reveal the imprint of the waves.
They'll collect the kind of data a doctor would want to know about a patient--a comprehensive portrait of their medical history.
Those latter chapters are similarly comprehensive, but they're better as reference than food for thought.
Winery owners can mix and match different technologies and find comprehensive approaches that fit their budgets.
There, he rose to become a department head in a comprehensive program to genetically engineer biological weapons.
Getting this kind of comprehensive understanding of the brain is not impossible.
Agreed, there needs to be a comprehensive energy policy, the likes of which hasn't been possible in the current political climate.
But that doesn't mean this serious, comprehensive work is not under way.
His vice-presidential selection process was quiet, orderly and comprehensive.
The authors' thoughtful and comprehensive blueprint deserves serious consideration, but important challenges remain.
In the end he advocated comprehensive opposition and unvarnished truth.
Within these limits, however, he has attempted a more comprehensive treatment than the others.
But this is one bright and comprehensive book of life, a kind of handbook of human paradox.
His is not a comprehensive or a conventional history of the war.
Nevertheless, national, comprehensive immigration reform is long overdue.

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