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There are several varieties of pointing, and this is important for understanding why dogs' comprehension of the gesture matters.
It is followed the next day by a written comprehension test.
It is tomorrow's comprehension of life and of its evolution.
His pieces move with blazing speed, at times at the limits of comprehension.
Speed-reading courses preach a form of skimming that doesn't help comprehension or retention.
Children in the treatment group also posted bigger gains in listening and comprehension skills.
Until students have a firm comprehension of all those aspects, such projects shouldn't be planned.
So the current level of mutual comprehension would deteriorate hugely.
The study of cosmic evolution concerns and affects the study and comprehension of each and every subject in the universe.
To even get a glimmer of the mirror effect in life is beyond normal comprehension.
The net result is reading with full comprehension while freeing half or more of your reading time.
Obviously engineering programs don't require reading comprehension skills.
Therefore, physicists have devised clever but devilishly difficult mathematical methods to extract comprehension from the chaos.
But for me this drug led to high performance in memory-retention tests and comprehension.
Some extra features in a textbook do seem to make a difference in student comprehension.
For the governed, they need to have the minimal reasoning and comprehension abilities, in addition to basic language literary.
One way to approach these questions is to look at language comprehension in children.
The interior opulence is almost beyond comprehension.
But her comprehension of what drives him is limited.
Older test takers are equally capable of other tasks that do not depend on speed, such as language comprehension and processing.
In doing so, it is helping in the comprehension of the public reader and of the potential consumers of the products announced.
Perhaps you should read it aloud for better comprehension.
Reading comprehension also raises the level of discourse.
It's great to see that neuroscience research is starting to prove the relation between gestures and comprehension.
Read my work with comprehension and think it through.
Science should adjust its vision, comprehension and concepts.
These skills may also help the learning disabled improve speech comprehension.
Ask questions about sentences you read to check comprehension and encourage expression.
With each dumbfounded stare, there are a few nods of comprehension.
Done well, each can be effective at testing student comprehension.
Use the student-created flashcards to check students' comprehension of what each tool is and how it measures weather conditions.
Maybe an untimed homework exercise testing reading comprehension would be a more effective approach than the timed quizzes.
During the video, pause wherever appropriate to check students' comprehension.
The findings indicate that recognition of these sounds is the first step in the comprehension of spoken language.
The bottom line is that those who show comprehension of the topic but miss the context here and there can be accommodated.
And still another would be a comprehension of the event's significance from a philosophical, cultural or juridical point of view.
Applauding the fact that state will be providing the nurseries is beyond my comprehension.
The scale of the effort is almost beyond comprehension.
Bev, you may want to brush up on your reading comprehension skills.
He came back strong at the end, a feat of memorization and tune over comprehension.
Success is in large part dependent on the comprehension and observance of entrenched protocols.
How anyone could watch him working with these animals and and dare to say anything negative is beyond my comprehension.
Children with language disorders have trouble with grammar, syntax and comprehension.
The predictive failure is with your expectations and comprehension.
Students will read an article related to an art museum, focusing on their comprehension skills.
Even when children's dreams are complicated and polished, their comprehension as a realization of desire is fairly evident.
For your comprehension of the neuroses it is necessary to keep in mind this connection between fixation and regression.
But they stood for a comprehension of the office of school and teacher which was not patented by any day or land.
The soldier took them gingerly, turned them upside down and looked at them without comprehension.
And yet the book was read abroad with some pleasure and comprehension.
The road to economic growth nowadays is paved with a high level of reading comprehension and sophisticated technical skills.
The leaders of the profession feel that their work has grown till it is beyond their control and comprehension.
He will doubtless have opportunity for wiser comprehension of those who differ from him politically.
It accompanies the comprehension of any process, conceptual or physical, by which simplicity accommodates complexity.
Every language has features that are not required for comprehension, but reinforce something that is also conveyed another way.
Yet when they come across a problem they cannot explain, their weak comprehension of investors' behaviour leaves them at a loss.
Sometimes, this brings brilliant contributions to the comprehension of the historical phenomena.
Why they insist on making changes that are sure to lose more customers is beyond my comprehension.
But third, it takes time for comprehension of a new technology to work its way through the government.
One with only a little comprehension will conclude that there is no rule of law in this country.
Here she is teaching reading skills and reading comprehension, first in an elementary school and now in a high school.
It seems to me you are having problems with basic reading comprehension.
But the deeper comprehension which comes from ciphering with pencil and paper is not achieved that way.
They are having difficulty with the vocabulary sections and reading comprehension.
All of these factors contributed to an increased sense of comprehension.
In order to write your dissertation, you need to have all of the background knowledge and comprehension of the literature.
Some posters seem to have a problem with reading comprehension.
Comprehension, retention and application should be privileged as well as critically challenging multiple view points.
The study and even the comprehension of the world and the human beings in it does not automatically translate to usefulness.
Overall, the primary goal of this curriculum is to enhance reading comprehension and higher-order thinking.
Volunteers offer instruction in basic subjects, such as reading comprehension, mathematics and reading fluency.
As they read, have them complete the mini-lesson worksheets to reinforce their comprehension.
It seems you think it the other way round: beyond my comprehension.
The redundancy of speaking helps raise the actual comprehension however.
Why all plans do not have whole plane emergency parachutes is absolutely beyond comprehension.
Nature, time and again, works beyond human comprehension.
Add a simple form of diagramming flow of ideas into larger screen size and comprehension would be better and quicker.
At our level of comprehension, time is the history of events that took place in our surroundings.
Those affected also seem to have trouble with language comprehension.
But because it lives in the sea, its majesty-comparable to that of a lion-lies largely beyond comprehension.
Check students' comprehension using maps and globes.
Some of the thank-you cards made by the students-note their use and levels of map comprehension.
For as long as they could, they listened attentively and groped desperately toward comprehension.
Comprehension gives way to nonverbal rapt contemplation.
The restorer was not alone in lacking the special comprehension needed to retain cubist textural values inviolate.
Maxwell's equations are now understood in the same way by everyone with a valid comprehension of electricity and magnetism.
Performing skillfully was a matter of reading, and not actual comprehension.
Obviously, this is not meant to be an informative article requiring full comprehension and serious thought.
After this has been done a sufficient number of times, the budget will be bloated beyond any reasonable comprehension.
They may have little or no comprehension of the process of science.
The gravity of a neutron star is nearly beyond comprehension.
Late night reading invariably loses some comprehension.
Yeah, that comment about matches your reading comprehension.
For one, let's remember that visual presentation of material is crucial to ease of reading, comprehension and retention.
All scientists accept, in principle, that some phenomena might be beyond our comprehension.
We often have difficulty getting from decent reading decoding and fluency to good comprehension scores.
Perhaps you have a problem with reading comprehension.
Your reading comprehension skills are a little off this morning if that's what you read into my response.
Your reading comprehension skills also need some work.
It's a stunning lack of comprehension to compare happiness to a clinical diagnosis of a medical condition such as depression.
The suffering of millions of people is beyond comprehension.
Well, that's true if you're talking about an ordinary comprehension of everyday cooking.

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