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In order to comprehend how this can happen, it is necessary to understand some basic immunology.
We need to know who he was, to understand his life and work, in order to comprehend our own revolutionary culture.
Students often don't understand what they have signed, parents don't comprehend, and that is what is intended.
Also, traditional scientists want to understand and comprehend what they are studying, using their own human brains.
Helping people understand and relate to the world around them, and comprehend their impact on the environment.
They can't listen, can't comprehend their own insanity.
Floyd was too lazy to pitch and he didn't care who was captain, because he didn't fully comprehend what that meant.
And then there was his inability to comprehend the despair and self-negation he inflicted on others.
At first, the group fails to comprehend where they are or why they're there.
Good phonic instruction leads to rapid, fluent decoding, without which students cannot comprehend text.
Tesla stated that gravity was a wave phenomenon, but by this time he was so far ahead that few could comprehend him.
People who read hypertext comprehend and learn less, studies show, than those who read the same material in printed form.
Our education system is too fixated at the former, and cannot comprehend the latter.
Which perhaps make it harder for the lower tier to comprehend the higher one.
Our humanity does enable us to fully comprehend other cultures.
Understanding how the brain evolved can help us comprehend why children may struggle to learn in school.
As one might expect, the more degraded the visual representation of these words, the longer it took to comprehend them.
It really did not comprehend what they were going to do and how.
Your failure to comprehend does not a lie by someone else make.
Humans cannot comprehend reality, as an earthworm cannot comprehend algebra.
The universe might be both too large and too small to fully comprehend.
Seven billion people is a tough number to truly comprehend.
We tend to think of our physical selves as a system that's simply too complex to comprehend.
What her brain can comprehend in terms of my neural impulses is completely unknown.
There are levels of complexity to the brain that we've only begun to comprehend, let alone manipulate.
The kids said the dolphins were their favorites, perhaps because it was easier for them to comprehend their size.
The problem is that knowledge in one area usually doesn't help you to comprehend a text covering a different area.
Nonacademic spouses can also fail to comprehend the tenure and promotion process.
They also need to read and comprehend the written test for their license.
Educators introduce students to the concept that there is more than one way to think, more than one way to comprehend.
It was impossible to attend and comprehend what was being said without being on your toes.
The more you comprehend those integrated tasks, the better.
Friends and family may also fall short, unable to comprehend your experience.
Lots of time spent writing texts for others to comprehend.
Its age is so vast that it's almost impossible to comprehend.
For reasons that scientists still do not comprehend, every few years the trade winds subside or even disappear.
It's staggering for me to comprehend an entire life spent in this one place.
The author's writing style makes it easy to follow and simple to comprehend.
Large dog owners do not comprehend the danger when they allow their dogs off leash.
Everything has an answer, whether humans comprehend it or not.
Somehow, the ascending climbers failed to comprehend the crisis.
He went on to devote his career to helping disable students comprehend and participate in chemistry.
It's obvious that he can't comprehend the science that he repeatedly rebuffs.
Perhaps he did not comprehend the seriousness of her call.
It's difficult to comprehend its true scope and magnificence without seeing it with your own eyes.
She is also incredibly powerful in the vast, huge, swirling cosmos she has helped them comprehend.
Comprehend the movements of people around it using multiple sensors and estimate the changes that are taking place.
The lawsuit appears to center on those systems' abilities to comprehend voice commands.
By denying himself and faring more scantily than his neighbours, he secured leisure for pursuits they could not comprehend.
The reader will perhaps comprehend, none the less, that every part of it was written for the stage.
We surely comprehend as little the operations of one as of the other.
It is deprived of moral experience in two ways,-it is not tempted itself, and it does not comprehend the temptations of others.
But, neither sense nor imagination are big enough to comprehend the boundless extent, with all its glittering furniture.
But they did not comprehend that even if the public mood should not dictate policy, policy must nevertheless take account of it.
Traditional town planning produces pictorial codes that any normal citizen can comprehend.
It takes an astute mind to explain it, and one equally adept to comprehend it.
To comprehend the long-term implications of hydraulic fracturing, you need to visit the region where gas drilling first boomed.
For hundreds of years, naturalists didn't quite comprehend what they were.
The basic idea is to use computers to extract meaning from raw data too complex for the human brain to comprehend.
People who don't believe in evolution don't comprehend evolution.
Nonetheless, whatever our emotional reactions to such an answer, there do exist problems that a human mind cannot comprehend.
We thus comprehend a fundamental difference between physicists and chemists.
It's so long term however, that few people are truly able to comprehend the importance of large expenditures in that arena.
They know that there are depths in ordinary concepts that only serious students of the relevant disciplines comprehend.
The sheer amount energy generated is difficult to comprehend.
These are concepts that arise out of theoretical science and that challenge the ability of the human mind to comprehend.
The result can only be a general failure to comprehend what is happening in the region.
Apply post-reading skills to comprehend and interpret text.
Student uses range of vocabulary strategies and breadth of vocabulary knowledge to read and comprehend a wide variety of texts.
Students will be able to comprehend increasingly difficult text.
Students will comprehend and describe characteristics inherent in good citizenship.
Students use a range of skills and strategies in the process of reading to comprehend what they read.
Students use nonfiction text features to help comprehend text.

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