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Caulking compounds are substances used to seal cracks and holes around windows and other openings.
The techniques reveal step-by-step snapshots of how chemicals react to form new compounds.
For those hundreds of thousands whose lives have been destroyed by the crisis, the long delay only compounds their misery.
Extended families live together in mud and plaster hut compounds.
Natural compounds have proven to be a treasure trove of medicinal properties.
When he took the capsules out two hours later, the contents had turned into tens of thousands of different compounds.
They have the same coloring compounds that make cabbage red, however.
When this chemical reacts with amino acid compounds it detects fingerprints on paper.
Other compounds identified in years past are under suspicion.
Molecules are constantly changing and rearranging their atoms in chemical reactions to form new molecules and compounds.
The first is that of non-patentable compounds and drugs whose patents have expired.
Marine organisms can create molecules and compounds for reproduction, defense, and disease resistance.
These compounds no longer resemble plant material at all but rather are the chemical leftovers of decomposition.
Now he's back inside his private lab, running a new batch of psychedelic compounds through his chromatograph.
Compounds that contain bismuth are often used in the three-drug treatment programs.
Compounds are wireless, but the routers go up and down with the public power and subsequent switch to gen-sets.
The albumen, or egg white, is an ideal place to store fragile compounds.
She adds that she and her colleagues are cautious to call the compounds pheromones.
As bacteria develop a tolerance for these compounds there is potential for also developing a tolerance for certain antibiotics.
The character of the wine is constantly changing as these compounds interact with one another and with light, oxygen and humidity.
All vertebrates contain molecules in their cells that will bind to dioxins and related compounds.
It is the breakdown product of purines, nitrogen compounds found in our bodies and in certain foods.
There are no compounds within walking distance to the university, so you will need transportation.
They identified four compounds previously unknown to science and two others of previously mysterious function.
Do the world a favor and get yourself drooling on some synthetic compounds permanently.
There are compounds in red wines that are not in whites.
In the ocean, for example, rising air bubbles in the surf drag certain compounds to the surface.
They attempted their own form of financial chemistry, producing fresh compounds composed of long strings of companies.
But she says it is too early to tell when the compounds will be available to the general public-if ever.
These compounds react with oxygen, usually incorporating it into their molecular structure.
These organic compounds also originated early in the solar system's history, and are considered to have formed nonbiologically.
But these materials are usually compounds of several elements arranged in complicated crystalline structures.
These compounds can cause short- and long-term health problems.
Unless otherwise noted, the compounds mentioned below are in the early stages of human testing.
Compounds in wasabi might also help scientists develop a new treatment for pain.
Compounds called growth factors, which may be important in cancer cell production, control the growth of these new blood vessels.
Similar results were found with other sorts of volatile compounds.
Each change in venom compounds yields a new toxin with unknown potential.
Radiation radicalizes elements and compounds in the body.
As with any such product, be sure to wear a facemask to avoid breathing dust from the dry compounds.
One aim of this screening is to find compounds that block communication in some species but leave others undisturbed.
The hydrothermal vents spew a toxic brew of boiling water, sulfur, and metal compounds.
Similar compounds are also in trials against the eye disease macular degeneration.
There are no excellent, broad-spectrum compounds sitting on the shelf waiting to be used.
In fact there are plenty of natural chlorinated and halogenated compounds.
Woods will not specify which snake venoms his team is studying, because the compounds have not yet been patented.
Several drugs help to wean cocaine addicts from their physical dependency, but the compounds are limited in effectiveness.
These bug killers, which can cross the human placenta, work by inhibiting brain-signaling compounds.
It specialises in designing and testing synthetic rubber compounds.
Coal has lots of pollution problems besides sulfur and nitrogen compounds.
Only tourist hotels and housing compounds for foreigners are allowed to receive satellite signals.
That, and his increasing crankiness with those who challenge him, which compounds the mistake.
Yet, while powerful anti-malarial drugs and anti-mosquito compounds exist, a vaccine remains elusive.
But the chloroplasts need a continuous supply of chlorophyll and other compounds that get used up during photosynthesis.
No question, the new organic compounds are safer than perc in health and environmental terms.
Many create defensive compounds to fight off deadly bacteria or parasites.
Laboratory reactions often produce compounds in a mix of mirror-image forms that react differently in the body.
It is being used to understand the transition of a few primitive compounds to the chemical building blocks of life.
These compounds are interspersed cheek-by-jowl with ramshackle townships, where improvised stalls abut open gutters.
Others have pitched their tents inside the compounds of their ruined houses.
Compounds are left over that settle on walls, furniture and clothes, or become part of house dust.
But the villas and compounds that proliferated in the major cities were opulent, far too expensive for ordinary people.
The work focuses on two types of sulfur compounds known as sulfates and sulfides.
Most of the harmful compounds come from the fats that drip onto the flames during cooking.
The patent covers compounds that enhance the ability of antihistamines to stop perspiration, the company says.
Less frequently consumed foods and drinks have higher antioxidant concentrations and contain a wider array of compounds.
It might be incompatible with aging rubber compounds and some metals.
As in so many scandals, the cover-up compounds the original sin.
It's still not clear if the beneficial compounds found in garlic remain potent once it's been processed into a pill.
Governments have spent the past half-century trying to reduce the amount of sulphur compounds in the air.
Tannins are the yellow-brown chemical compounds found in many plants and give red wine its distinctive flavor.
Many explosives are made of volatile compounds that readily release particles into the air.
Human studies testing similar compounds in humans are promising.
They peered over the opposite side at a group of mud-walled compounds several hundred yards ahead.
But this focus means that many unglamorous, but potentially interesting, compounds may be bottled up in their laboratories.
Some of the organic compounds the dead creatures contain, though, dissolve out of them and into the water.
For decades, scientists have been interested in imitating the way in which the nose detects compounds.
Expatriates, used to a secure if sequestered life, tried not to think about the tanks parked outside their compounds.
The food provides the wide range of chemical compounds and trace elements that drives metabolism.
The problem with working longer is that it compounds the problem: people who work stay fitter and saner so they die later.
Wine contains hundreds of complex chemical compounds, some of which are active in startlingly small amounts.
Consider the word amines, meaning certain chemical compounds.
Many tropical frog species secrete compounds known as alkaloids to protect themselves from predators and prevent infections.
The scientists exposed the lobsters to one of three chemical compounds: ink, opaline, or hydrogen peroxide.
Human-produced compounds that release chlorine and bromine gases into the stratosphere cause ozone depletion.
Carbonaceous chondrites are known for having relatively high percentages of water and volatile organic compounds.
The harmful compounds in petroleum absent from renewable diesel include benzene, which becomes an airborne carcinogen when burned.
But know that there are numerous other small compounds out there.
Electronic shielding by closed shells in thulium compounds.
Some critically necessary compounds are made by only a single manufacturer.
At other locations, reporters also used pumps and filters that collected samples of metals and other compounds.
They wore long hair and beards, lived in unmarked compounds and moved mostly at night.
Keeping that in mind, aim for the corners of the metal and rock compounds, as the corners are the weakest parts of the structure.
Some of the products of metabolism, called volatile organic compounds, are carried in the breath and can serve as biomarkers.
Often compounds that appear safe in the rodents prove to be toxic in humans.
Organic dyes reduce the cost of making the cells because they are more abundant and cheaper to obtain than ruthenium compounds.
They provided the organic compounds that form the basis of many drugs and materials.
The sensor array consists of colored reactants that are each sensitive to a different group of volatile compounds.
The agency's administrator wants stricter regulations on four chemical compounds that can cause cancer.
Many of those towers are sealed off in gated compounds, a reflection of the widening disparity between affluent and poor.
Basically it comes down to the concentration of the antibacterial compounds.
In addition, researchers are under mounting pressure to find compounds to replace those that have become less effective.
The scientists then exposed human and mouse airways to various bitter compounds to gauge the effects.
The office workers even had traces in their blood of one of these compounds withdrawn from use roughly a decade ago.
It is the first marijuana-based drug to be made by extracting the compounds from the plant, rather than synthesizing them.
Researchers are thus investigating compounds similar to the active ingredients in green tea that could avoid this problem.
Some liniments contain compounds that produce similar temperature stimuli to the nerves in the skin.
Organic compounds are being broken down by living things in highly organized systems at specific rates.
The chemical compounds were no doubt used initially based on appearance.
The regions where planets are being created are incredibly chemically productive, rapidly generating new compounds.
The goal is to find out how the compounds can serve as indicators of health and disease.
The concentration of salts and other compounds people have in their urine changes, he explains.
These companion materials are fatty compounds known as lipids.
Animal studies have shown that both types of compounds can mimic or block hormones.
Each extract proved to be a unique chemical mix, with different amounts of caffeine and other compounds.
They also excrete compounds that are lethal to bacteria they don't happen to swallow.
Chlorine-bearing compounds present yet another threat to the fragile ozone layer-a noxious brew all around.
Perhaps these compounds are part of an ancient defence system that orb-weaving spiders use to secure their homes from intruders.
These complex organic compounds form in cool conditions in nebulae, which are lousy with them.
After locals raided their weapons compounds, he took up arms against the hated agents.

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