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Suppose such an emergency were compounded by enemy-inspired rumors.
Pride obviously had something to do with this, but pride compounded by the imperatives of a dueling society.
Protection will help ensure that bleaching events won't be compounded by polluted runoff, over fishing, or eager tourists.
Others hazards compounded the difficult terrain and torturously thick vegetation.
It is also a quirk of geography compounded by economics.
The resulting artificiality is compounded by ballroom's unashamedly retro character.
The problem is compounded for those who don heels, braving a bicycle route fashionably rather than comfortably.
But its funkiness was compounded by the fact that you never actually touched it.
The explosion of the knowledge economy, in which old valuation metrics no longer hold, has only compounded the problem.
Alan's struggles were compounded when suicide again claimed the life of someone close to him.
The variable clinical presentations compounded this idea.
There are far too many variables, compounded by groups seeking benefit.
Coupling these mental exercises with increased physical workouts has compounded their benefit.
My guess is that this treatment has only compounded the problem.
They are particularly vulnerable to multiple risks, compounded by physical limitations, and often times lack of support.
The compounded effect was too much for them, and would be for many.
But it is clear that the situation compounded the professor's stress.
By high school, the compounded effects of the strong teacher-or the weak one-would become too great.
Meanwhile, widespread strength training-and perhaps performance-enhancing drug use-compounded the above.
Meanwhile, extreme cold compounded the drought's impact on wheat yields.
Again, when the breadwinner of a family is ill, hospital or medical bills are often compounded by loss of pay.
Carter's problems as an explainer were compounded by his tendency to talk down to his audience.
We've compounded things by our own mistakes, but it doesn't really help to pretend that we've had an easy task.
In rural areas the difficulty of reaching and keeping students is compounded by the problem of finding competent tutors.
In the past the neglect of commerce by planners and architects was compounded by an inability to cope with the automobile.
The problem was compounded by the fact that he led an exceptionally full and varied life.
But the state investment politics only compounded the negligence.
The personal conflicts were compounded by social distinctions.
Books in copyright posed a problem, which soon was compounded by lawsuits from publishers and authors.
In making up with the prime minister, the administration partly addressed its problem and partly compounded it.
The resulting sense of diffuseness in the book's form is compounded by the rather tenuous character of its central argument.
He also found that the effects of exposure to one environmental estrogen can be compounded by being exposed to a different one.
Lack of scientific standards in many of the early studies compounded the problem.
As public spending supports private investment, rather then competing with it, the effect was compounded.
On the contrary, surviving families can now exchange horror stories about the treatment that compounded their grief.
Now the universe is preserved, as by the changes of the elements, so by the changes of things compounded of the elements.
The curate compounded and ordered all things through his discretion, and congratulated every one of the good he obtained.
Volatile fuel costs and scarce credit have compounded their woes.
To many, it looks as if a tragedy is being compounded by a cover-up.
All this has compounded worries that the area round the plant may remain unsafe for years.
The industry's legal woes have been compounded by the terms of out-of-court settlements.
However, he compounded these problems with inept management.
The impact of power shortages on key industries is being compounded by a slowdown in household demand.
Growing friendlessness at home will be compounded by increasing loneliness abroad.
The sense of crisis is compounded by the proposed phasing out of fuel subsidies.
These problems are compounded by slackening economic growth.
Liquidity problems are compounded by impending calendar and fiscal year-ends.
Company executives then compounded incompetence with deceit.
Then he compounded the sin by lying about it, and concealing it even from the prime minister.
The difficulty is compounded if a linguist is not fluent in the language he is studying.
Meanwhile, an attempt to restrict candidates from overseas compounded the disaster.
These problems are compounded by racism, poverty, stark and increasing economic disparity and poor education.
Such logistical delays will be compounded by manpower shortages.
If money paid as rent is compounded, it would total to a significant amount over many years.
High car rental costs are compounded by daily highway taxes and optional insurance fees and other add-ons.
Her parents' attempts to curb her eating only compounded the problem.
He is also a lifelong migraine sufferer whose headaches were for decades compounded by bouts of depression and panic disorder.
So the reason for shipping this item to these shores becomes a compounded puzzle beyond the realm of ordinary reason.
Amid the gale, fire compounded the hurricane's fury.
Thanks to the power of compounded returns, she'll be thinking of you with great affection when she retires.
Then he compounded his mistake by giving the cigarette maker a virtual free ticket into the appeals process.
Both of these effects are compounded by the remoteness of the alleged prior incidents.
Downed phone lines, power outages and aftershocks have compounded the chaos, officials say.
When interest is compounded daily, interest is added to your account every day.

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