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Flavored oils, marinades, and compound butters add flavor and result in better surface browning.
It was a compound that, according to its devotees, could transcend history and geography.
But now that the compound is finished, the construction saga has become legend among the locals.
Some snipers didn't even bother leaving the compound.
Then if a product or a compound is determined to be safe in a rodent, another species is used.
Instead of this key refinery or that port falling, it's this square or that compound.
For centuries, the standard treatment was quinine, and then the chemically related compound chloroquine.
Meanwhile, life and the general mood conspired to compound his long position.
His studio is one of two elegant rectilinear buildings-the other is his house-in a large, walled, lushly gardened compound.
But nothing in contemporary art matches his poetic compound of modesty, truculence, and wit.
The writer would not sleep in the house, but demanded a bed at the compound.
Critics have long said no--that such a compound will not work in humans.
Compound semiconductors are attractive to engineers because electrons move through them easier than they move through silicon.
Once they have been produced, they are heated in a solution containing the compound that is to be delivered to cells.
The match was not even close: the e-nose was unable to recognize either compound in traces less than a few parts per million.
But this compound includes ruthenium, a rare and expensive element.
Duct tape binds the computer's cracked case, and plastic welding compound keeps the display from falling off.
During drug development, hundreds of versions of the same compound are first tested in cells.
More evidence came from a study of monkeys fed high doses of the compound.
Other research, meanwhile, revealed the compound is scarce in the body fluids of depressed people.
The body's digestive enzymes recognize aspartame as a protein and break it down much as they would a natural compound.
Amazed at the compound's cleaning abilities, they pursued the science.
But neither compound has yet been tested for improving strength or endurance in humans.
Researchers pumped an aromatic compound into a set of cages.
The compound effectively labels cells born after the drug was given.
Compound interest on loans was now a breeze to calculate.
In one experiment last year, the team attached erythropoietin, a compound that can help heal injured cells.
Small initial differences in disposition and talent can compound over time through positive feedback loops.
Instead of a single pure compound, now we're working with a whole plant.
Past the spot where we'd first met him, the road dipped down and ran alongside the nuns' compound.
As the explosions drew nearer, the patients moaned and cowered in the compound's corners.
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But the compound probably exerts its anticancer powers through other means.
Compound interest turns wealth into more wealth and debt into more debt.
Many large producers add trace amounts of arsenic to their feed to ensure that chickens are getting this necessary compound.

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