composure in a sentence

Example sentences for composure

The weather was stormy, the wind blowing and still it kept its grip and composure.
Unless you are absolutely desperate and able to maintain your composure when your doing other work you don't need to do.
Of course there are people who can take losses beyond their means with perfect cheerfulness and composure.
He looks fit and keeps his composure admirably as he tries to play scenes with obvious amateurs.
He's the guy that takes the reins of the team and keeps everyone in composure.
Perhaps back in middle school, homeroom attendance was a struggle in self-composure.
More than a year later, she still can't tell the story without a visible struggle to maintain her composure.
Relatives of the victims struggled to keep their composure.
Although his insides must have been churning, his composure and leadership came through in the face of defeat.

Famous quotes containing the word composure

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Gradually I regained my usual composure. I reread Pale Fire more carefully. I liked it better when expectin... more
Yet the things themselves in thoughtless honor Have kept composure,... more
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