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Example sentences for composting

The company website even includes a tutorial on composting at home, whether you live in the country or in a tiny apartment.
The house is powered in part through solar energy, and it has a composting toilet.
The one likely draw-back to plastic tubs is too much moisture, so that things ferment instead of composting.
People would do a lot more composting, he says, if they had biodegradable bags to help them.
For gardeners with no room for a traditional compost pile or bin, worm composting is a solution.
If you really want to go green, go with a composting toilet.
Conventional composting uses oxygen-fed organisms to break down organic matter.
Eliminate sewage altogether by adopting composting toilets and grey water recycling.
And, recycling and composting cost much less and create jobs.
There were two other thoughtfully placed bins: one for paper towels and one for composting the discards.
Changing rooms are available, but bathroom facilities are limited to a composting toilet.
The campground has composting toilets, but sites don't have fire rings or picnic tables.
He uses a wood-burning stove and an indoor waterless composting toilet.
Campers also have access to composting toilets and the bathhouse at the full-facility campground.
The campground has composting toilets and charcoal grills.
Each campsite includes a low-impact latrine with a composting toilet.
These areas have solar composting outhouses but no potable water and no garbage pick-up.
We are conducting a composting project and need to know if snow is an insulator.
My restaurants contribute organic matter for composting.
They already had a composting toilet, rainwater tanks and an electric bike.
After raking leaves in the fall, put them to good use with leaf composting.
Composting is a learning experience in sustainability your whole family can share.
Large-scale composting efforts have generally taken two forms: centralized and decentralized.
Composting is the process of turning your food and yard scraps into rich, fertile organic matter that feeds your garden.
Composting is a cornerstone of organic gardening and agriculture, and it provides many environmental benefits.
Composting serves dual purposes for the green gardener.
The type of composting technology or method you use may be more influential than the type of items in the compost heap.
City-dwellers face a different set of challenges than rural and suburban residents when it comes to composting.
The drum has a hinged door for adding composting materials and water, and holes to let air in.
Recycling human feces can be tricky, but many dedicated organic farmers use composting toilets.
Composting offers an example of all three resource conservation elements.
Create natural fertilizer by composting vegetable scraps.
Easy tips for how to use more environmentally friendly fertilizers, harvest rainwater, and keep up with your composting.
Chickens are also a great addition to your composting efforts.
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