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Organic materials naturally decompose and turn into compost.
Gardeners and other environmentally conscious people will add the leaves to a compost pile to become a natural fertilizer.
The use of compost made with treated sewage sludge is not permitted in organic farming.
We treat it and use the fertilizer to maintain the compost site.
Compost is organic material, and mature compost is dark, earthy and rich in nutrients.
Compost is an organic material generally comprised of decomposed yard and kitchen wastes.
Dig in several inches of compost and a balanced organic fertilizer.
Compost tea is a liquid made by steeping a porous bag of decomposed and recycled organic matter, known as compost, in water.
If you enjoy a cup of tea brewed with loose leaves, these are a terrific source of organic material for your compost pile.
Organic matter in a compost pile or bin is decomposed by millions of microorganisms.
Yard wastes can be recycled into compost and used as mulch and fertilizer.
These materials help fuel the microbes that break down organic materials and create nutrient-rich compost.
Create a compost pile as a source of fertilizer to use in the garden.
The farmers also used a worm bin to compost food scraps for fertilizer.
The forest needs its organic compost base for fertility.
Then a possum decided to make my compost pile his nightly hangout.
The plates were bio-plastic, the sort that would easily break down in a compost bin.
Includes a relatively large loft area, gray water system, and a compost toilet.
And companies are springing up to meet the growth in demand from restaurants for recycling and compost haulers.
Other, less troublesome weeds are put in our compost bin.
And after the diesel has been extracted, the coffee grounds can still be used for compost.
Home composting is possible with or without a manufactured compost bin.
The city can even offer a free compost collection service, then turn around and sell the compost to farmers.
If you want to recycle leaves for compost or mulch, rake them up and run them through a shredder.
Try asking your local market if they have some compost you could buy on the cheap.
Start a compost pile rather than using an in-sink garbage disposal unit.
The resultant compost gets distributed to farmland and parks.
Ditto those who recycle more often or throw out less, compost and watch their personal environments.
Ferry scoops up a mound of compost containing beneficial earthworms.
The compost and the tunnels themselves are sterilized, eliminating the need for pesticides.
If that same smell interrupts our next summer idyll, the compost pile is history.
Global warming and the end of petroleum mean cities will have to be more self reliant, so start planning your compost facilities.
Moderate heat is one of the signs of a healthy compost pile.
Apartment owners can compost with this barrel, sized for a roof-top or small backyard.
Water the pile and turn it once a week to make compost for the fall garden.
The humble compost pile is coming into its own again.
If not, pour it out in the compost pile, and open another bottle.
If you don't have one already, now's a good time to start a compost pile.
As in biology, what has lived before becomes the compost for what will live next.
Any materials that used to be a plant can go into your compost bin, including all fruit and vegetable scraps.
He saluted a few volunteers, whom he had appointed to pluck shreds of plastic from the compost under the hot noonday sun.
The next spring, she spreads another inch of compost.
It can be recycled, put in a compost heap or incinerated.
Begin by selecting a location for your compost pile.
Testing at a number of other compost facilities is continuing.
Start raking leaves as they fall, and put them on the compost pile.
Compost tea is a liquid extract from mature, cured compost.
When you first contemplate composting, you will find many choices of containers for producing and storing compost.
Do not compost the diseased material you remove, and dispose of it promptly.
Yesterday's news provides a rich growing medium for your garden when it's recycled into compost.
By layering compost correctly, you can have finished compost in a few months.
Kitchen scraps, raw or cooked, can be added to your compost bin.
Compost requires a few basic ingredients and conditions for decomposition to occur.
Wood compost containment bins keep compost confined during the decomposition process.
Throw it in your compost pile, and you're doing a good deed.
Rapid decomposition in any compost pile relies on small or shredded matter.
Build multiple bins to hold compost in various stages of decomposition.
In fact, in a healthy compost pile, insects play a vital role in the decomposition process.
Compost is a gardener's treasure, but producing a batch takes time.
If you want to create compost more quickly, build a barrel-style tumbler.
Traditional composting methods require little intervention from the gardener, but can take up to a year to produce usable compost.
But the great thing about compost is that you can recycle it.
Along with a compost bin and a door mat, a new ice cream maker arrived the other day.
If it is only wet, you can compost it and it will decompose within a few months.
Choose pure castings or a mix of castings and compost.
He dug out a three-foot-wide bed next to the limestone, adding about two feet of aged manure and compost.
And compost that goes into making the garden bloom is taking up space in a landfill.
Mulch with decomposed granite or gravel, not compost.
Shred your scraps and mix them into your backyard or school compost heap.
If necessary, add topsoil and compost in your planting area.
Be sure to bury food scraps to make compost piles less attractive for wildlife.
Grow your own vegetables in your garden, and compost your scraps.
It's not every museum that features a compost heap and encourages children to scribble on the artwork.
Water deeply if allowed, and mulch with straw or compost.
They pop up all over the place from the seeds that make it to my compost.
Compost made on the farm and from scraps donated by restaurants creates a fertile growing environment.
After they're used, they can be thrown in the compost pile, where they will naturally compost within two months.
They can compost an elephant, fertilize an oak forest or light up the oceans in the eerie teal glow of bioluminescence.
Some people compost them, although some people have had bad experiences with how that turns out in the compost pile.
Billions of bacteria and fungi are ready to go to work making compost for you.
Cut tubes into small sections and throw in your compost pile.
Mixed with compost, it makes a top-dressing for trees.
Everything was fresh, and leftovers went to the compost pile.
They begin to learn about the compost heap, and about biodiversity, what's ripe and what's not ripe.
View a report concerning the use of compost and shredded brush on rights-of-way.
Compost use can result in a variety of environmental benefits.

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