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Splits and cracks around fasteners are common with wood and composite decking, which can allow moisture infiltration.
Probably five per cent of it does, but as a whole it has no accent, since it is a composite of all in one.
The composite product bears the imprint of his personality, but he borrows more than he creates.
The same is true of composite works of art, of their subject and content, whether the theme be fable or history.
But smash them into a composite and the truth flees.
The lesson here is that the ideal adviser may be a composite of various imperfect humans.
From this might emerge a fresh composite that values different cultural and situational perspectives.
The faces of literary characters as pictured by police composite-sketch software.
The nylon-composite beak is only a temporary fix, designed to nail down precise measurements.
One of the brightest gamma-ray bursts yet is seen in a composite x-ray image.
Use products such as recycled plastic or composite wood decking and trim.
Please refer to the important notices including that in relation to composite performance, and the certain risk factors herein.
The commission's composite index of economic sentiment was now above its long-term average, and inflation would remain moderate.
At the receiving end, the composite image is decompressed and split into its right-eye and left-eye components.
It uses the same composite-material technology to reduce weight and hence fuel consumption.
New lightweight composite materials have been developed.
The jet's fuselage and wings are made entirely of composite materials, a first in commercial aviation.
First it averages out a database of head shots to produce one composite face.
Then it compares the face being identified to the composite.
Damage from dust, leaves and debris is a problem for a normal composite roof.
The trusses transfer the building's wind and gravity loads to its four corners, which are reinforced with composite columns.
Without a common enemy, the diverse opposition could quickly unravel once its composite parts start jostling over the spoils.
When more domains are aligned, it raises the strength of the composite material's magnetic field.
The result, according to the researchers, is a composite plastic that is light and transparent but as strong as steel.
Optical telescopes see only the bright galaxies in this composite image.
He was trying to work out properties of the spatial arrangement of the materials comprising the composite structure.
When all three are put together they can render a true-color composite.
So it's not a single shot as was originally inferred, but rather a composite.
With a composite, you take the advantages of both materials.
Its shell is a composite, made of three layers, each with different properties and made of different minerals.
Let our leaders be chosen, not by the composite of their gender, but by their readiness to preside over our great nation.
These aren't really new particles, but composite objects of one form or another.
It's understandable to invest in expensive, light composite construction and high-tech, high-efficiency engines.
Then it struck a flat surface composed of a semi-reflective composite of inorganic molecules.
Half an hour ago workmen finished building a second story deck from composite materials.
The first principal component attempts to discover the composite series that explains the maximum amount of variance.
Any pre-existing composite cones or shield volcanoes would be swallowed up by this process.
With composite video, all the little lines blur together into one indistinct blob.
It replaces stamped steel with a composite monocoque bonded to a tubular steel frame and plastic bodywork.
Designers have also developed an array of coatings and composite materials to help soak up radar waves and dampen heat.
The plane's slender shape and composite material construction mean less drag, and thus less thrust required for flight.

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