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Example sentences for comport

They comport themselves with a beguiling blend of panache and precision.
For this reason, it is important that candidates comport themselves reciprocally.
However, this does not necessarily comport with what labour economists are finding.
His post doesn't comport with the facts of the story.
Authority is as much in how you comport yourself as it is in what you actually say.
It is instead a much broader attempt to realign facts to comport with ideology.
One of the things you learn in law school is that a trial, to comport with due process, must have dignity.
And it's true that he sometimes comes to conclusions that don't seem to comport with his own political or social beliefs.
It goes almost without saying that the historical reality and the political caricature do not comport with one another.
Popular culture should comport itself with some sense of responsibility and taste.
All comments must comport with applicable state and federal laws.
The license agreement must comport with applicable federal laws, regulations, and otherwise satisfy the government's needs.

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