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While the intellectual component is certainly a compelling part of the endeavor, making art is also a physical experience.
He has trouble accepting the element of charlatanism that is a necessary component of a theatrical imagination.
Perhaps there is no more important component of character than steadfast resolution.
The nation, on those subjects on which it can act, must necessarily bind its component parts.
The state component of foreign debt has declined, but commercial debt to foreigners has risen strongly.
But the former position of the component elements does not matter for our purpose.
From early settlement days, the cultural arts have been an important component of cities and towns across the state.
If salt is a functional component of the recipe, by all means, it should be included.
The more fraught component of the opera's legacy has been its treatment of race.
Cellulose is a major component of wood, giving that material its signature strength.
Thank you for the educational component of our trip.
Perhaps the emotional component of the memory was weakened, but the memory still existed.
The yellow substance was gypsum, or calcium sulfate dehydrate, a common component of plaster.
Dividends are a trivial component of share prices, and the industry's growth prospects are breathtaking, not boring.
In a factory it might mean that a component has to be thrown into the scrap bin.
Re-invested dividends are a vital component of long-term equity returns.
The productivity of a pin factory can be improved if production is broken down into its component parts.
This, as its name suggests, works out the weight of the molecules in each component.
Almost in all countries state restrictions on economic activity is a ubiquitous component of life.
When the component to be worked is placed next to such a machine, the coil induces in it a corresponding field.
Meanwhile, component prices are plunging, overcapacity is rife and margins are meagre.
Getting exposure to a sector by choosing its largest component is thus the quick route to underperformance.
Most diseases are more complicated and involve several genes, or an environmental component, or both.
Freedom is an essential component of democracy, but not sufficient.
Adding an online component to a regular course could mean more work without an accompanying pay rise.
Since the dawn of the space era, astronaut fitness has been a large component of who gets chosen to fly into space.
Cellulose is a major component of for example wood and cotton.
The residential component represented a significant deterioration from the previous three months.
We offer a high-quality, comprehensive program of benefits, which represents an important component of total compensation.
Some colleges and universities request letters from students for the teaching component of tenure-and-promotion dossiers.
But working with rare books, archives, and artifacts remains an essential component of pedagogy and research in many disciplines.
Humility is a valuable component of successful investing.
Dropping the gloves at an academic gathering is a common, though undiscussed component of scholarly life.
One has an honors-college position that includes a significant administrative component.
Evaluated and provided consultation services for mentoring component of a state funded grant.
There's a discernible physical component to learning.
Going forward, therefore, teaching effectiveness will be a necessary component of the job.
Some are even able to find administrative positions that include teaching as a component of the job.
In it, my salary component from the med school was dropped in half.
Honesty is an essential component of the quality called integrity--but not the whole of it.
Use of alternative medicine is but one component of integrative medicine.
It's that the dissatisfaction itself is an important component in the generation of what can become chronic and genuine pain.
It has a deep research component that includes experts who understand geopolitical risk.
The environmental component is based solely on particular matter in the air of cities.
They recognize that the intellectual component of the game is a big draw.
The second impressive component is the destination of the meals.
Labor is the one component of health care costs that is probably hardest to control.
They break it into component parts, to simplify and focus their efforts.
The cross-axis component averages to zero, yet the along-axis component remains unaffected.
And two or more polymers can be combined to produce an alloy, or blend, that displays characteristics of each component.
The opposing component of surface tension is proportional to the perimeter of the leg where it is in contact with the water.
Afterward state officials found methane, the largest component of natural gas, in her drinking water.
The third component of interplanetary navigation is an accurate model of the solar system.
Sleepwalking runs in families, indicating that there is a genetic component.
Iron is the main component of steel and is easily melted down in foundries to produce new steel.
Introducing students to marine species and ecosystems is a key component of the program.
The vortex changes the wing's lift characteristics and produces a component of drag called lift-induced drag, he adds.
Musk is a component of many perfumes and colognes and is also a natural substance that animals exude.
Whatever happens, education needs to be a key component of the management plan.
Atomic clocks add a third component: a point of reference against which to synchronize the clock.
Since the particles are chemically alkaline, they may dilute sulfuric acid-a major component of acid rain.
Another component, basalt, originated from undersea lava vents.
Used beverage containers are the largest component of aluminum scrap.
The critical missing component was a navigator who could guide them using only knowledge of the heavens and the ocean.
The key component of high-efficiency soaps is that they are low-sudsing.
Both sets of plaintiffs claim that the library component of the project violates copyright law.
They function reliably until a critical component fails, and the whole thing dies instantly.
But some component of unemployment is people searching for better fits after shifts that have to happen.
Also, it is possible for a component to be negative.
Laughter is a key component of social interaction in humans.
The red rocks offer an aesthetic component to rock climbing, hiking and biking that you cannot get many other places in the world.
Research shows that student involvement is a key component of academic success.
Asphalt prices are skyrocketing as costs for oil, a key component of the paving material, are near records.
All components are tamper proof and special electrical component covers are used for protection.
The original, awed, hysterical response which is always a component of fashion.
Every week brings a new study about the breakdown of another component of the eco-system.
There was that desperate component for me that made it easier to cross the line.
The idea that a genetic component entered crucially into this was considered exotic, to put it mildly.
Then the researchers created three remixes by changing the order of the song's component syllables.
Sometimes one represses the cognitive component of it, but it's often more difficult to repress the emotional component.
The body's immune system attacks and destroys myelin, which is a major component of white matter.
Negative pressure is a legitimate component of fluid dynamics, she told me emphatically, if not irritably.
Autism generally appears in children at early ages, sometimes suddenly, and its genetic component has long been recognized.
There's a third component out there, and it's not matter but some form of dark energy.
Infectious disease is only one component of that threat.
If it did not have a linguistic component, it qualifies as proto-literacy, not illiteracy.
It refers to the genetic component of the human language faculty.
One of the biggest differences between water and an oily liquid such as octane, a component of petroleum, is surface tension.
Nobody knew what nuclei were made of or how their component parts were put together.
What they might try to do is to buy a bomb or the component parts from a rogue nation.
Organic agriculture has always had a strong component of holistic philosophy to temper bottom-line economics.
The communication component sends tiny electromagnetic pulses that are detected by an external computer.
Look inside a laptop computer and you'll probably find that the largest and heaviest single component is the battery.
Even as the processing power and download speeds of mobile devices surge, one component still lags behind: the screen.
Naturally occurring materials, by contrast, don't interact with the magnetic component of electromagnetic waves.
Silicon wafers are the core component in conventional solar cells--they're what absorbs sunlight and generates electrons.
To make the finished component, the pattern is then fixed by a flash of ultraviolet light.
Among them are ways to suppress genes that produce lignin, a plant component that must be chemically removed to make paper.
Methane, the key component of natural gas, can then be pumped out and used to generate electricity or power vehicles.
The device in this study adds another component that monitors the hormone glucagon, which counteracts insulin.
For decades, neuroscientists have searched for a noninvasive way to measure the electrical component.
See the buckling of an ultrathin silicon-circuit component.
One of the lander's gyroscopes failed and had to be replaced by a component from another company.
Three-dimensional chips can handle data more efficiently because data has to travel less distance to reach a different component.
They can be added later to the non risk averse component.
That's true if you look at the propagating component of light waves.
Many copies of each component are carved out simultaneously from a single silicon wafer.
Retooling the presses to switch from making one component to another can take days.
But they believe the rankings have an additional and more nefarious component.
To me, a key weakness of some of these organizations is the storytelling component.
And, even better, all of the component parts have other uses.

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