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Example sentences for complimentary

Enjoy free local newspapers each morning and a complimentary continental breakfast in the lobby.
We plant breeders do this to combine two parents with complimentary great traits the same way a flower or animal breeder would.
Let us stipulate that the writer was, indeed, trying to be complimentary.
To say they are two-dimensional is probably being too complimentary.
They were overly complimentary, but didn't give me much color.
Rates are inexpensive, and hotel amenities include a complimentary breakfast with waffles, an indoor swimming pool and a hot tub.
There are no cars on the island so guests get around via the resort's complimentary cruisers.
Historically it could be used on any published rate, and the second night of your weekend stay would be complimentary.
Extra amenities include unpacking service, evening canap├ęs, a welcome bottle of chilled champagne and complimentary bottled water.
The hotel serves a complimentary continental breakfast to guests.
The hotel has three restaurants for guests, and a complimentary breakfast comes with the accommodations.
The property amenities include a complimentary breakfast, a pool and a hot tub as well as a fitness center.
Each room has television, bathrobes and complimentary sherry.
Mornings at the hotel start with a complimentary breakfast buffet in the all-season patio with lake view.
The following is a list of sample addresses, salutations, and complimentary closings for certain addressees.
Technology, software and robots do complimentary things well, but again have major shortfalls.

Famous quotes containing the word complimentary

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