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The cause was a pulmonary embolism as a complication of lung cancer, his family said.
The increase in the strength and frequency of hurricanes is a complication of the greenhouse effect.
One has to applaud the genius of a city that provides not only a complication but its resolution.
Lotus says paddle shifters add dead weight and needless complication.
The inadequate accounts of non-profits have proved a big complication.
For the past six weeks he had been suffering from a complication of diseases.
Language is often an added complication in going abroad.
Almost anything else strikes me as a needless complication of that process.
He had been ill for a long while of a complication of diseases.
Of course, the other complication of talking about the hipster generally is that the distinctions between mutations get lost.
Another complication was that we'd have had to replace our steam heating with forced air.
He had been troubled with a complication of diseases, of which dropsy was the main disorder, for three or four years.
He had been ill for a long time of a complication of diseases.
He was one of the first to test the drug cyclosporine for the treatment of that complication.
He had been suffering from a complication of illnesses.
It is a social and emotional complication that invites the cliché twist and happy end.
Rectal bleeding due to ulcers in the colon is a common complication of ulcerative colitis.
The condition is a common complication of diabetes and can be a complication of some surgeries.
But at the same time, a serious and sometimes fatal complication has become more common.
Not everyone who has syphilis will develop this complication.
In a further complication, the corpse is still entangled in the fishing net that captured it.
The further complication is that each of these groups tends to be concentrated in one section of the country.
He gave no theory, of course, and he avoided the complication of referring to the sun.
The intervention of performers introduces a complication of economic conditions which is in itself likely to be injurious.
The two last years of his life he laboured under a complication of painful distempers, which he bore with the patience of a saint.
One complication was that hundreds of children were among the immigrant detainees.
They imply that talk of causation or complication is for wimps.
Barring a last-minute complication, this will also be the year he becomes a citizen.
The big problem is with those kids and teenagers which don't, and let these games be a complication in their life.
The other complication is market psychology: animal spirits, and all that.
The complication is that this standard of comparison is now itself in flux.
The basic choice here is between simplicity and complication.
Rheumatic fever is a complication of something astonishingly basic: an untreated strep throat infection.
One complication is that there are many kinds of memories.
He agreed to hip surgery, and it went without complication.
That's the complication with politics, and it explains soviet communism if you think about it.
Without extraordinary evidence, such an extraordinary complication is scientifically unwarranted.
After all, suicide is a tragic complication of some cases of depression.
Myxedema coma is a rare, life-threatening complication of untreated hypothyroidism.
However, side effects from systemic therapy are a major complication.
Hyperthyroidism is a common complication of noncancerous thyroid nodules.
It all sounds sensible, but there is a complication.
On the receiving end, the human ear-a non-linear device with enormous dynamic range-adds to the complication.
Of course, one complication with stimulus spending in a rapidly ageing country is that long-term supply isn't the problem.
With deep troubles already existing, this is not the time to add unnecessary complication to the process.
But there is now an added complication in interpreting that message.
Now comes the latest complication: really bad cholesterol.
Another complication involves the way global temperature projections are calculated.
Another complication is that the average cost of employer-provided plans varies widely across the country.

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