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Rufous, brown, and gray morphs in several populations complicate identification.
To further complicate matters, the wool industry is split over the best way to handle the situation.
To complicate matters, the biggest dark matter clumps are the best candidates to contain satellite galaxies.
But alas culture and learning also play a role and complicate the search for explanatory models.
And the cake maker will have an economic motivation to complicate his cakes and hike his prices.
His intelligence keeps him from doing many of the fool things that complicate life.
Of all this that was being done to complicate his education, he knew only the color of yellow.
To complicate things further, the basis on which librarians are promoted seems to vary from place to place.
Private-sector recruiters have faced bureaucratic hurdles that complicate the payment of commissions.
Let us also agree that some technologies dramatically simplify our lives, while others complicate them.
To complicate matters, the police briefly went on strike, and several unions called a one-day strike.
Sectarian killings continue to complicate such dealings.
But figures released this month complicate these arguments.
To complicate matters further, in the case of radiation damage time does not heal all wounds.
The country's declining reserves and looming currency crisis could complicate an already fragile political transition.
It also threatened to complicate the challenge facing the region's policymakers as they seek to combat its escalating debt crisis.
Cellphones, indeed all digital devices, complicate the whole idea.
The complex ties of clan, tribe, and region further complicate things.
Bizarre oddities, which complicate the puzzle but are meaningless in themselves, flash by in an instant.
Grabbing onto it will only complicate the situation.
It shows how airlines can sometimes not complicate things too much.
Vibrations inherent in the environment could also complicate matters.
Even if he is not jailed, court martial proceedings could well complicate his plan to practice medicine.
There are unanswered questions in tropical profusion, to complicate things.
Yet, she argues, that would be to miss the puzzling contradictions that must complicate any such simple picture.
Worse still if he has to develop the action, complicate the characters, show one thing pressing upon another.
The multiple aspects that influence forest mortality and decline event can complicate studies of disturbance impacts.
These studies complicate our understanding of the communities inside us.
If you or a loved one is considering drug rehab, you may find that many day to day problems complicate your choice.

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