compliant in a sentence

Example sentences for compliant

He had spent the better part of his eight-year regime as president, military chief and overseer of a compliant parliament.
It has been reported plenty of times that over eight students wrote detailed letters of compliant that were ignored.
It is obviously from physical phenomenon compliant with the physical laws of reality.
Pepper spray could actually have made this safer by somewhat incapacitating the protesters and making them more compliant.
All these publications belong into new physics, which is dual to the existing one and compliant with dense aether theory.
Most of the teachers felt that their work was to ensure that kids were quiet and compliant and contained.
Measures will also be introduced to stop non-compliant businesses from selling their produce.
It was to break him, make him compliant, say what they wanted.

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The rising power of the United States in world affairs ... requires, not a more compliant press, but a rele... more
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