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And so a spectacle that was meant to produce compliance and terror has instead stoked fury and derision.
We must not now apply the flattering unction of servile compliance or blind complaisance.
The police do not need anymore torture compliance toys.
By law, vaccinations can only be administered by informed consent, yet compliance is mandatory.
The real valuable application they should be focusing in on is quality and compliance work.
Fear of the needle reduces compliance with vaccination schedules in developed countries.
However, doing so requires strict compliance with tedious and often expensive protocols.
Experts liked the optional weekly meetings, since support is crucial to compliance.
Once it does, it sets effective and/or compliance dates.
It could provide a framework for a more robust system to monitor and verify compliance with stated national goals.
Criticism of the rankings is nearly unanimous, but so is compliance with them.
The team can advise and provide measures to ensure effective custody and control in compliance with applicable law and policy.
But there are also big new compliance issues for employers.
She also proposes automatic sanctions with a judicially administered regime of compliance.
The second is that there's a tremendous problem with what's called compliance.
One compliance consultant says it may be possible to monitor their accounts closely to avoid shutting them down.
Meanwhile, the compliance staffing and services industries are booming.
It may be months before compliance can be measured and rebels exposed.
The paper discusses whether the ceiling should be flexible and linked to policy compliance.
For now there are no compliance procedures at all on the exchange.
But his own officials seem reluctant offer much convincing detail on local government compliance.
By this measure, the tax-compliance industry is six times larger than car-making.
It has also set up an independent fiscal council to monitor compliance with budget-balance targets.
They did discover a conspicuous increase in compliance with the tax authorities, however.
Orthodox taxation principles would suggest that the rate be cut and the base broadened to raise legitimacy and compliance.
The group also wants regulators to reduce the compliance burden on small firms thinking of going public.
To please the business lobby, they have proposed measures to reduce the costs of compliance.
Compliance with federal and state guidelines therefore involves plenty of red tape and people are frustrated by the delays.
The key was the introduction of tradable rights, combined with a credible threat of punishment for non-compliance.
The ministry is readying a scale of sanctions, culminating in the total withdrawal of benefits, to promote compliance.
It's a management tool that measures a base's compliance with federal, state, and local environmental regulations.
Non-compliance with one or more of the above elements is subject to depression and suicide by convenience.
Of course, many different variables not studied in this experiment can also affect social norm compliance.
Compliance can include a wide variety of job skills.
It aimed to cleanse the city's waterways of urban pollution in compliance with state and federal law.
The agency, though, does not review compliance before food is packaged and shipped.
Design and deliver training to clients to reinforce best practices and legal compliance.
Instead, they said, it was to bring the bylaws into compliance with the law.
Develops processes and procedures for operation of grant in compliance with terms of grant.
In the article, one community college reported having nine employees working on compliance.
The six non-coaching staff members will not include athletics trainers, academic support and compliance staff members.
The students seem unsatisfied, grilling officials on the details of the university's compliance with immigration law.
Building inspectors and architects are sometimes misinformed about state compliance standards.
Information on compliance monitoring inspections and evaluations.
Compliance periods for the three groups are staggered so that each group reports compliance in a different year.

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