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It was not so long ago that a three-step routine was the clear complexion standard for skin care.
Color discrimination involves treating someone unfavorably because of skin color complexion.
The complexion of those governments is as diverse as the ten countries this survey covers.
Her white hair is neatly styled, her complexion glows.
Her face was distinguished as much for its great intelligence and animation as for fine features and complexion.
Such burning local issues eclipse bigger concerns such as the economy and the possible complexion of the next government.
His features are pinched and drawn, his complexion sallow.
The complexion of the organization has changed slightly.
Whatever the complexion of the next government, its priority will be clear: giving the economy a jolt.
She received a patent this week for a mixer that blends powder for the individual taste and complexion.
In the end, the region's political complexion may turn on a few million votes in those two countries.
Heady, dry, with a hint of spice and robust complexion.
Her face was smooth and unscarred, but the fine lines of care were beginning to etch the limpid ivory of her complexion.
This, however, is not the only reason our complexion does not glow.
Her new career as a country singer still requires her to maintain a flawless complexion.
The antibiotics are for a clear and beautiful complexion--but they work for other things, too.
Aside from my overly pale complexion, there's nothing to set me apart now.
He sent me on my way with a suggestion concerning my pale complexion and the attendant need for makeup.
People around him noticed his bulging eyes and jaundiced complexion, and the limp caused by unremitting pain.
And they have the same complexion: a sprinkling of white spots against a dark background.
Over time, she suffered less joint pain and her complexion improved.
Without it, our pints would have a much darker complexion.
In the light of the handicap principle, familiar events took on a different complexion.
The results will change the state's political complexion.
To begin with, it may not be so fortunate this time round with the ideological complexion of the panel.
It undoubtedly gave her complexion a becoming rosy glow, but cosmetics would have been easier.
The main thing to think about when choosing eye makeup is what suits your complexion and eye color.
He has white or gray hair and beard, hazel eyes, with a fair complexion.
They don't do much for anybody's complexion, but you can tell the pores from the beads of sweat on each marine's neck.
Still a romantic, he is now afflicted with as rotten a complexion as the movie screen has ever offered.
The hydrating oil mix helps to re-balance the complexion and accelerate healing.
Navy eyeliner rimmed her beautiful blue eyes, and pancake foundation created a monotone complexion.
Her bright-blue eyes still attract admiration, but what astonishes everyone she meets is her complexion.
The flesh of his face is firm, and his complexion has a healthy, ruddy tInt.
She has prematurely white hair, a pink-and-white complexion, and a gentle voice.
Use it, not onlY to restore clearness and bloom to your complexion but to protect and keep it enduringly.
Her usually pale complexion glowed from summer sun, but there were deep, dark lines under her eyes.
Nota's complexion is different from ours, it has pale-brown tones.
She had short gray hair, and there was a faint hint of copper in her complexion.
His eyes were quick, but he had the dark complexion of a peasant.
He has a pallid complexion and russet-colored hair, and was wearing a tie printed with the subway map.
Her complexion was not good and her face was covered with blotches that indicated ill health.
Well knows he who uses to consider, that our faith and knowledge thrives by exercise, as well as our limbs and complexion.
Yes the complexion of college baseball is indeed changing bit by bit.
He's dealing with some complexion issues, and he's working on some beginner's stubble.
He had a waxy complexion and a thin goatee, and wore something resembling a cape.
If this process alters the complexion of the investigation, staff may reconsider its views.

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