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To understand those more complex historical issues, students must know the approximate dates of the famine.
Pinpointing the genes involved in cancer will help chart a new course across the complex landscape of human malignancies.
The policy process essentially maps a problem, no matter how complex, on binary possibilities.
Yet the current crime problem is being debated in far richer and more complex terms locally.
And since each flat tile is relatively simple and easy to make, it becomes much cheaper and easier to build complex cloaks.
Basil has a bright, complex, and slightly anise flavor that enhances a wide array of summer fruits and vegetables.
Commercial manufacturers can make it quickly, so they do-which means that rich, complex flavors never develop.
Maybe you decided to keep that amorous rooster or maybe you have a raging chicken-rescuing complex.
The complex also includes two gas stations, two camp stores, a picnic area and a ranger station with a first aid facility.
The simple-sounding grunts and hoots of the toadfish contain surprisingly complex information.
The technology behind this children's toy is both simple and complex.
Most aerial disasters happen because of an lengthy list of multiple complex factors.
The degree of sterility does not strictly follow systematic affinity, but is governed by several curious and complex laws.
The results of the various, unknown, or but dimly understood laws of variation are infinitely complex and diversified.
It may be worth while to give another and more complex illustration of the action of natural selection.
One example will do for thousands, one complex type for hundreds of possible types.
As the scale mounts, the organizations become complex.
His syntax is far more various and complex than the syntax of to-day.
Trustees can also underestimate how complex and time-consuming it can be to carry out board mandates.
Considerable experience with design, construction, and project management of complex projects.
And the more knowledge a state legislator can bring to bear on the complex issues of the day, the better.
The code is made more complex, because of tax wheezes.
There is a reason for this: the brain is a complex organ and the causes of its disorders remain poorly understood.
What they have not discovered is whether more complex songs can be decomposed into separately meaningful elements.
The big data revolution has unleashed a complex relationship between economic growth and social progress.
The human brain is a complex organ, but it is becoming better understood with the use of functional magnetic-resonance imaging.
It is also using its state-industrial complex to pursue political goals.
Computing has certainly got faster, smarter and cheaper, but it has also become much more complex.
None of this will resolve the inevitable difficulties of regulating a complex modern society.
The highly social and complex world of ants is not void of selfish acts.
The complex group behavior of social insects such as ants and bees has long intrigued scientists and other observers.
Coffee also has a complex relationship with culture and the environment.
He wanted to take this great scholarly complex to the people.
By touching the spinning bowls with wet fingers he produced chords and complex melodies.
As a group, these selections visually illustrate the artists' enunciations of their diverse and complex experiences.
Complicating the mystery is the salmon's complex life cycle.
Fractals are a kind of geometric shape that looks incredibly complex but is actually composed of repeating patterns.
The ball is lighter, the players are faster, the tactics are more complex.
We're looking for complex questions that will generate new ideas, new visions and new conversations.
Instead of dealing with the complex reality of the subject, he presented the more extreme views.
They established security at the museum complex and, huddling with museum authorities, began an inventory of missing treasures.
The real adventurous can try the climbing wall located inside the complex.
They know exactly what they are doing, and the result is something far more complex and profound than mere wandering.
The human brain: fascinatingly complex, historically misunderstood.
Another flurry of catalogue searching reveals a more cheering, if complex, truth.
It's also the idea that a group of people in an ordinary hospital could do something so enormously complex.
Solutions for great and complex societal problems are rare.
His addition is smart and well planned on the inside, and too complex and overwrought on the outside.
It's as agile and as inventive a visualization of complex theatrical material as you'll ever see.
Their music is deceptively complex, despite its simple components of two voices, two guitars.
These are complex issues, with few easy solutions, but that's what makes them interesting.
Tells about her schedule and her complex family life.
During a particularly harsh winter, a polar bear breaks into one of the igloos and starts wandering through the empty complex.
No, the image above is not an architect's model for a new sports complex.
The traits of a living thing depend on the complex mixture of interacting components inside it.
Instead, brain disorders result from a complex interaction of our genes and the environments to which we're exposed.
Nowadays, candidates get only a few seconds to parse complex issues.
Civilization is the result of highly complex organization.
Since regulation is so variegated and complex, reforms in the general regulatory process are the best bet for improving matters.
It was awesome-creamy, complex, and chewy with marshmallow bits.
Unfortunately, food snobs have given fresh pasta a superiority complex, but no way is it better than dried.
The broth is thin but complex, trading in the richness of lots of ramen broths for a clean, clear flavor.
It was smoky, complex, with a foundation of garlic and slow-building heat.
The purpose of this so-called preferment is to instantly add complex fermentation flavors to the new batch of dough.
However, developing antibody-based drugs is a complex and time-consuming process.
Some snow flakes shapes are so complex that no computer model has ever been able to generate them.
Now researchers are starting to study game theory on networks, modeling the complex interactions among many selfish agents.
Diabetes is a complex disease with complex causes and complex treatment regimens.
These technologies vary, but in general, they require complex instrumentation.
Subtractive techniques such as high speed machining are fast but cannot create certain complex shapes.
The screen is one of a number of new devices that offer complex tactile feedback.
Building something as complex as a lung or a kidney would be far more challenging, he says.
The resulting trove of cells would capture all the genetic quirks of these complex diseases.
The evolution of race was as simple as the politics of race is complex.
More complex structures-an ear and teeth-have also been grown.
Full explanations for these myths are complex and in a few cases still open for debate.
Now autism is seen as a complex condition that investigators are inching closer to deciphering.
The tail was a far more complex system than he or anyone else had imagined.
As the universe expands, it becomes ever more complex and disorderly.
Blind mole rats seem to navigate effortlessly through their complex underground burrows even though they cannot see.
But the hearing also revealed a new piece of the complex puzzle of this case.
The complex is heavily fortified and ringed by several cordons.
Simple as it sounds, the question is extraordinarily complex.
Whether this is an inspiring or a delusive idea depends on a great many complex judgments, which change from day to day.
The idea for such a work is more complex than it would seem on the surface.
It is extraordinary, watching the replays of complex fouls and tussles, how rarely referees and linesmen are wrong.

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