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Example sentences for completeness

In my mind, though, the real reason for studying root-extraction is simply logical completeness.
The site's layered record of life is remarkable not only for its completeness but also for its reach.
Use the provided answer key to facilitate discussion and check for completeness.
Check groups' completed data collection worksheets for completeness and accuracy.
Check your map against those in other guidebooks to verify its completeness.
Part of the trouble was the completeness of the triumph.
But completeness is no longer a virtue in the newspaper business.
Four main factors affect the pace and completeness of decay.
The cost is coming down, but one thing that hasn't substantially changed is the completeness and accuracy.
Therefore, it is the completeness of the failures and success together that make up the learning process.
Without integrity or completeness, there is degeneration.
Even a small increase in the oxygen ratio could have big effects on the temperature and completeness of combustion.
Its results have been known with far less completeness.
The latter is a negative from internal infinite completeness, the former a limitation from internal infinite power.
For a vicious circle, its mathematical completeness approached perfection.
In proportion to the completeness of the distillation, so will the purity and imperishableness of the product be.
The second is an addendum which sketches out the ontological argument in its completeness.
Each editor scrutinizes the story for issues such as fairness, accuracy, grammar and completeness.
It was a fascinating point, for it spoke to a certain kind of athletic completeness.
Numerical error estimation is strongly dependent on the quality and completeness of code verification.

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