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Dolloped with an equally simple fruit topping, it completely satisfies my craving.
In our warm test kitchen, it took another half hour for the salve to cool and solidify completely.
Lisa completely understands how to phrase things so that you can completely absorb the information using all of your senses.
However, the old gods were never completely effaced.
These were not the organ grinder with his monkey or a completely illiterate gangster.
The vet and a biologist stay behind to watch over him until he wakes completely and stumbles off.
Some of the imagery in the exhibition is comprehensible to informed outsiders, while some is ambiguous or completely opaque.
And the mysteries that surround his life will likely never be completely resolved.
Most of the original versions almost completely disappeared.
Sometimes a specific topic is announced, and sometimes the discussion is completely open.
It was a flat-out rejection in which the editor left the door open to submit the paper if it was completely redone.
The agenda for this session is completely up to the students, and they have the review sheet in advance of this session.
The effects of terrorism depend completely on the psychology of the audience.
Five years too late, a reply that is completely nonsensical as well as full of the requisite bad grammar, and no link.
Visits now entailed six hours and a stopover in each direction, and the separation felt completely unfair.
But eventually they become completely invested in the profession, unable to envision themselves doing anything else.
Fifth, dispense completely with the idea of paying the athletes.
They seem completely unaware that knowing how to behave will have a serious impact on their future prospects.
It gives them a base to start from rather than having to completely research the topic on their own.
Sometimes administration overrules based on other factors completely unrelated to how well an interview went.
All of your comments seem to be completely out in left field.
If it lies completely outside your areas of interest, say so.
As a result, doctors have ordered her to rest her voice and completely recuperate before looking to schedule any work commitments.
If you board the ship on the same day your flight lands, a delayed flight could cause you to miss the trip completely.
It is as if every generation of children came into the world speaking a completely different language from their parents.
It was finally tamed earlier this year, when a group of mathematicians managed to construct a map that describes it completely.
At first they seem of limited interest, but eventually they completely overturn existing products and markets.
The movement of people and goods here-in happier days earmarked as the route for a highway-has stopped completely.
But that does not completely explain the absence of theropod tracks.
So profoundly, in fact, that it is being compelled to rethink its business model completely.
The roof of the channel then descends, immobilising the worm completely.
The box had an opening big enough for the seal to put his head in, but not large enough for him to enter completely.
The kindle and the nook have been able to stay afloat mostly because they cater to a completely different demographic: readers.
Exploding fuel completely destroyed the tanker, killing all four crew members.
Whether or not it's the perfect headset for you is completely subjective.
Or he could publish his result, and render every implementation of the random-number generator completely insecure.
The makers of this sloshy-tub have completely missed the point of the automatic washing machine.
The alveoli are almost completely filled with secreting cells, so that scarcely any lumen is visible.
Soon, however, all trace of the opening is lost and the ovum is then completely surrounded by the uterine mucous membrane.
By the seventh or eighth year, the inferior rami of the pubis and ischium are almost completely united by bone.
Two or more of the cartilages often unite, partially or completely, and they are sometimes bifurcated at their extremities.
Before puberty they are of small size, but enlarge as the generative organs become more completely developed.
The first rib being almost completely covered by the clavicle can only be distinguished in a small portion of its extent.
The buildings have been completely painted inside and out in a manner not contemplated at the outset.
Since their capture millennia ago, the microbes seem to have been completely isolated.
No areas of the world's oceans remain completely untouched by humanity's influence, according to a new study.
During winter the lake freezes completely, despite being saline water.
Use a spoon to fill any empty spots with candy melt and make sure the cake is completely covered.
Scientists have determined that the first skeleton they found belongs to a species of human completely new to science.
Mature males are mostly blue, whereas females are completely yellow.
But on land the eel catfish uses a completely different method.
Some elderly males do become completely white, though many retain small flecks of dusky plumage.
There, things go awry when one hunter kills a butterfly, which completely changes the course of history.
What was even more eerie though, was that the wind had completely stopped also.
Tornadoes can completely destroy some buildings while leaving others intact, depending on their construction.
The world's rain forests could completely vanish in a hundred years at the current rate of deforestation.
Ask students if they think piracy has been completely eradicated.
It's a completely different approach to pushing electrons around a dry circuit in a conventional computer.
Drag the set of seven shapes to completely cover the figure in the center.
Scientists don't completely understand how spiders spin liquid protein into solid fibers.
They could be the ancestors of later animals, or they may have been completely erased by extinction.
These teeth are so long that the viper cannot close its mouth completely.
These devices are completely open and available to be exploited, a researcher says.
In these so-called tonal languages, changing pitch can completely alter the meaning of words.
My suggestion is tax benefits for only having one or two children which are completely revoked if you have three or more children.
The pianist gradually increases the tempo and volume and completely expends his energy.
Researchers do not completely understand the mechanisms that contribute to cell survival under adverse conditions.
Yet somehow, as the cosmos cooled, matter was not completely annihilated.
When the same scenario was presented to two four-year-olds, however, the situation was completely different.
The scientists then refined it and were able to completely determine the protein's structure.
The pond has been known to freeze completely into a chunk of ice during extremely cold temps.
At those temperatures, the resonator would either be completely still or possess a quantum of vibrational energy, called a phonon.
Technology has made it possible to completely destroy individuals with gossip.
It is already being used as a fuel additive-to help gasoline burn more completely and, thus, cut down on air pollution.
The details of these cardiovascular changes and risks are not yet completely known, however.
The east coast snows are completely consistent and were generally predicted by climate change.
The experiment failed completely, and would have brought on the reestablishment of despotism had it been pursued.
Which isn't to say that racism has been completely eradicated.
He became more dazed and confused during an illness, and some new problems popped up that have not completely gone away.
Don't expect a sharply defined perfect circle to completely blot out the face of the moon.
The crime problem is not completely explained by crimes committed.
Heat slowly on the stove, using a spoon to continuously mix the chocolate until it is completely melted.
If power corrupts, life-tenured power corrupts more completely.
He had this instinctive feel for biochemistry, of all things, which was completely unexpected and out of the blue.
The pros of this tool are that the future price is completely guaranteed.
And she was never completely convinced that her poems had any lasting value.
The two live more interdependent lives, sometimes tightly tied and sometimes completely separated from one another.
But no craftsman or professional can be completely uninterested in seeing how he measures up against past standards of excellence.
If using a foil-lined pan, cool brittle to warm in pan, then peel off foil and transfer brittle to rack to cool completely.
If using nonstick liner, cool brittle completely in pan.
Place mozzarella in cool water to cool completely before eating.
While it's a completely different plant, the leaves are surprisingly similar in shape.
Everything else in your life disappears and you look at your bit of paper and get completely lost in what you're doing.
Life has few enough of these moments-the rest of it being involved so completely in the predictable and the obligated.
But by age five, after extensive outpatient therapy, she had recovered her faculties completely.
And his gags were truly out there: unexpected and completely loopy.
The state is almost completely absent in the favelas.
The historic center had been almost completely restored, in a way that struck me as at once beautiful and creepy.
Our spiritual and cultural traditions will be completely eradicated.
He agreed and, to his surprise, became completely absorbed.
Before he opened the door completely he quietly stated that he was going through a gender transformation.
But now something completely new appears, that is also an unbelievable leap in quality.
The city has also completely changed the look of the temples and grottoes.
Consider these two flubs that make the story line completely incoherent.
The copy shop had been completely gutted, the wooden beams charred and swollen into a kind of delicate filigree.
So successful was this campaign to make heroes of the martyrs that any dissent was drowned out completely.
Finally he took over completely, and translated for several hours without a break.
Often, they don't disappear completely without a trace.
No scientist before or since has so completely transcended the role of expert to become a universal emblem of reason.
Sodium-sulfur batteries can also be charged up to the maximum and discharged completely, which makes them more efficient.
These fogs are a local result of enormous global processes, not all of which are completely understood.
The virus has found ways to protect itself-particularly against antibodies-almost completely.
Obviously this is mostly fun and my choices are completely idiosyncratic.
The room has gone from being the scene of a fire to being completely on fire.
Some of us are more easily enraged than others, but few are able to stifle rage completely.
It was cheap, it was synthetic, and it was so completely off the mark as to be almost wholly inconceivable to us now.
Others completely shut down the immune systems of their hosts.
If the wing lies on top of a white surface, the colours are completely swamped by the white light reflecting off the background.
Matter, after all, has an odd way of completely changing its character as it heats up or cools down.
The system can interpret specific gestures, making completely hands-free control of electronic devices a reality.
The top-right image shows the coils completely unwound.
Tumors completely disappeared in three of those patients.
They say that the more efficient it is, the more random its returns will be and a perfect market should be completely random.
If you drain the battery completely, many forms of batteries are irreversibly destroyed.
If coupled with a fuel cell vehicle the household would become completely energy independent.
These devices could enable completely new kinds of digital marketing that make ads more relevant, meaningful, and effective.
In contrast, entering that same vague question into a search engine yields completely nonsensical results.
One key next step is to completely replace the selenium in the solar cells with sulfur.
In addition, the researchers could completely turn off the entire tagged protein system by administering the drug doxycycline.
His algorithms are good at the nitty-gritty of generating completely novel protein sequences for a particular purpose.
Then his vaccinations were ceased completely, as a precautionary measure.
Because they demonstrated that my pediatrician was completely disconnected from his patients.
They're not basing their positions on the facts-they're completely uninterested in the facts.
It is a completely deranged system and it relies on permanent hysteria and coercion.
It's not going too far to say they are completely paranoid, which doesn't mean they are wrong.
Some people are totally immobilized, and others recover completely.
But all the same, it is a completely different experience to read a book knowing the ending, and reading it having no idea.
But on the sell side, it's a completely different story.
And that is something that, historically, the market has completely failed to do.
If there are fewer people in the office, chances are you're going to have more responsibility, perhaps even a completely new job.
My immigrant grandparents would have agreed with it completely.

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