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Many heads of households have not completed school, children do not attend school and families suffer from malnutrition.
The principle was then continued until the pyramid was completed.
At this point you would have completed negotiations.
And in a handful of the biggest programs, athletes completed college at a rate much lower than other students.
Candidates must have completed, at the time of appointment, all requirements for their doctorate in the advertised field.
He completed his law studies, but feeling more attachment to literary occupations he did not pursue the profession.
It is here, however, that the doubt arises whether the magnificent torso could have been completed on an epic scale.
Cook until white is partially set, then stir until cooking is completed, when whites will be thoroughly set.
Our laurels are wreathed for conquest, our songs for completed glory.
It is also clear, from the above lists, that the decay of the earlier inflectional system was being gradually completed.
In other places the censorship did not touch the completed sentence.
Once all of these steps are completed, the treatment plant sends the treated water to surface or groundwater reservoirs.
Give each student a questionnaire to be completed by his or her family.
The existing pavilion will remain open during construction and is to be demolished when the new site is completed.
When completed, it will be larger than a football field and weigh up to a million pounds.
Click on the red dots on the map below to see completed synths.
The bird, a wader called a bar-tailed godwit, completed the journey in nine days.
The pre-application form can be completed in multiple sessions.
It took about six months of weekend work, but eventually they completed their dream garden.
Take completed invites to your post office and have them weighed to ensure correct postage.
After you have completed the circle, step back and see if there are any holes or uneven clusters.
They completed a comprehensive and respectful makeover in four months on a limited budget.
Steve is amazing and really completed our place on a tight budget.
The company recently completed a rigorous flight testing schedule focused on the stall and spin characteristics of the two seater.
Executives say they cannot gauge the impact on delivery schedules of commercial aircraft until a thorough review is completed.
Once a project was completed the public body met the bills for upkeep.
In various parts of the world, such buildings have been completed, or will be shortly.
The share of residents moving back to the mixed-income developments will probably increase as more projects are completed.
Another involved treating yet-to-be-completed sales of locomotives as done deals.
The president, who will head a special oil council to oversee the changes, says he wants the reforms completed in six months.
But the third case was revealed through these tests and hundreds have yet to be completed.
Government officials point to their voluntary disarmament, completed earlier this year, as an unequivocal success.
When completed, the constellation of modernized orbiters will furnish civilian users with three new positioning signals.
The kids completed a sleep habits survey before and after the time change.
It is the real cost of projects actually completed and in operation.
Primary construction of the space station was completed earlier this year.
His amazing task completed, he sits down in pride and comfort among the eggs in the largest of the oat nests.
Get recommendations from friends and ask the professionals to show you photos and floor plans of kitchens they have completed.
Its machinery is being completed, and its influence is spreading.
She had completed eight of the morning's sixteen ultrasound scans.
Stacked in a neat pile next to the typewriter were eight completed pages.
The court has been beset by delays-not a single case has been completed.
Once a bomber has completed his declaration, it would be humiliating for him to back out of the mission.
At the end of a twelvemonth, he has nothing to show for it, not one completed work.
But it produced less anxiety, because people could easily tell what they had to do and whether it had been completed.
The disappointment is that phase two has not been completed yet.
His style is playful and heavily influenced by comic books, even in his more formal work completed pre-Revolution.
It took until now for the study to be completed, undergo review by other researchers and finally be published.
Once completed, proteins curl up into complex shapes that let them do the actual work of life.
His clinic has only completed five cases, with one resulting pregnancy-a twin gestation.
Until clinical trials are completed, however, it is impossible to know exactly what the effects will be on humans.
Twenty people, using only stone chisels, could have carved even the largest completed statue within a year.
Thankfully they voted to put this on hold till further investigations on privacy and health have been completed.
The surrealism is completed by six disembodied human hands stenciled above and below the animals.
Before they started on the game, the recruits all completed a questionnaire.
But all the defences discovered so far happen before the raids have been successfully completed.
Though his team did some tests, funding ran out before the tower was completed.
Metal interconnects embedded in the plastic completed the circuitry.
According to election law, officials may not release tallies until voting is completed.
The acquisition is expected to be completed within a few weeks, according to spokesmen for both companies.
Universal approved the script and the movie was completed last fall.
Scarcely had the maker of miniatures completed the thimble palace when he felt a new burst of restlessness.
In the sixty years since then, telephones made drum language obsolete and completed the process of extinction.
Now, it takes time before a foreclosure actually is completed.
Once a suicide bomber has completed his mission he at once becomes a phantom celebrity.
There was also a concert hall under construction that he had ardently wished to see completed.
From the time the reader makes a selection, the entire transaction can be completed within minutes.
When the stallion's tail swooshed up, the grooms knew the horse had completed his job.
Frame of roof completed and installation of roof boards begun.
Two weeks after this unpublicized visit the process of compiling the list of new techniques was completed.
She completed two years of nursing school, but left hospital work before a year was up.
He tried to write his memoirs, but never completed them.
But, unfortunately, the care lasts only until the trial is completed.
Before it lands on your back, a cashmere sweater has completed an epic transformation.

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